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  1. Sadly I am on Windows 8. I don’t wanna be “That Guy” that complains about it, but meh. It feels as though it is best suited for a tablet environment, and I’ll leave it at that. I actually currently really want to get a hold of Windows XP. There was a demo of a game I downloaded back in the glory days of Home of the Underdog called Tales of the Float Land. It’s a cute silly time-waster kind of game, but I adore it. After four laptops and 12 years I thought I lost it for good until someone happened to run a playthrough of it on Youtube and he shared the file with me. Unfortunately, it won’t even play on Windows 8, Windows 7 doesn’t play it properly. The guy suggested a virtual pc running Windows XP in compatibility mode to solve the issue. Long story short, this post was oddly relevant. Also, I remember stumbling across those OS-tan a long time ago before I truly understood the lengths Japan will go to personify anything in an anime medium. Oh, Japan…

    • My operating system reviews are about as relevant and timely as my anime and video game reviews.

      So there’s an XP mode, eh? Looks like it wouldn’t be available for my laptop which merely has Windows 7 Premium (somehow the second lowest version of Windows 7 out there). You could run XP mode in Windows 7 if you had a copy of Windows XP lying around somewhere, but if you did, none of this would be an issue in the first place. Anyway, good luck with that.

      I first came across OS-tan back when Windows ME was the butt of all jokes. This takes me back.

  2. *witnesses a well-done chess picture while “crappy sketches” plays in the audio

    Is that a picture you’ve done? If so… YOU CALL THAT CRAPPY!?! (aside from the limited color palette, which is meh)

    • I wish I drew that. The image is “chess.bmp” which came with Windows 3.1. I’d open it up and think, damn, I’ll be that good some day! Not much has changed.

  3. I haven’t used XP for years since I switched away from Windows, but Windows XP was definitely better than Windows 95 (I used in the early 2000s), especially Windows Me, which crashes a lot. It served me well for 5 years, although my parents used it longer than that.

    Still, for Windows operating systems, I still prefer Windows 7 over 8 for obvious reasons.

    • I haven’t even touched Windows 8 yet, just as I’ve never touched Vista or ME. There’s a good chance I’ll never have to, as my current Windows 7 machine is running great through two years. Good chance I can skip straight to 9.

    • (Replace “because I got high” with “because I was lazy” and you have my general college experience. Decided to go for a fresh start in law school.)

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