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      • Another possibility is censorship.

        I’m going to agree with you 100%. I think for law professionals, the weirdness and inconsistencies are not really problematic, and the fact that it does a couple small things well go a long way. Single plus.

  1. I ditched it at episode 8. I got annoyed at the lack of plot progression in the middle of the show, the plot started to progress at that point, but it ended up being stupid so that was no good either.

    Moyo isn’t quite awesome enough to watch through the remaining 4/5 episodes for. Close though.

  2. “There you have it: probably the only lawyer anime you’ll get to see in a decade…” And they done goofed it up so bad I think it may partially be my fault for hoping this would be some “Law and Order: Special Wizard Victims Unit” type show. I expected one thing and received another. But, the show is also to blame for, like you said, losing so much focus. If you’re going to do law, focus on law. If yer gonna be all Witch Hunter Robin, then stick to that. They tried to weave both together and got the weakest of both worlds. Single plus? C’mon Baka-Raptor! I would give it a single tilde. And that’s out of generosity because they made an attempt to try something new. I’ll stop here before I go into full rant mode, because this show opens up old scars from Tasogare Otome and Shiawase no Pan. Geeze. Hope your happy. Gonna be internally raging for hours now just from remembering all these shows….

    • What’s this? Shiawase no Pan? Themes: bread, Harem. I dunno man, can’t be as bad as it sounds.

      ~ typically goes to the boring kind of bad. Stupid bad that doesn’t bore me will often get a + if it has other redeeming qualities.

      • Shiawase no Pan suffers from some similar problems as Wizard Barristers: unfocused direction. I thought it would be like Aria the Animation, but with bread. Soon it started exploring other far more interesting plot elements and not doing anything with them. It ended in a big mess. It took four seasons of anime before I could talk about it without raging. And not even a pin-up of Moyo in string pantsu can fully make up for this show. That picture actually is an accurate description of the anime. A tease. Looks great on the outside, but on the inside….

    • Episode 11 was so completely bad that you had to laugh through the sheer “WTF, c’mon man!” moments. Like the fact that the police officers had “Police” spelled backwards on their chest tags. Like it was mirror backwards. All the random stills and the fact that sometimes the characters looked like they came from an entirely different anime. It was an episode full of QUALITY. To be fair, there were other shows that season that looked like they outsourced the animation budget to a kindergarten class towards the end. Also, I would totally play that VN. Is there a harem end/true end with Putin?

    • I watched the final two episodes on my phone during a 6-hour car ride. It kept the crappy animation from reaching its true potential.

      That’s gotta be one of my favorite Natalia artworks. My favorite real world Natalia image is this one:

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