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    New best firm of government.
    Based on the Philosophy of “please leave me the hell alone”.


    I wish I lived in a country like that, lol.

    Happy thanksgiving!

    • America has a storied tradition of anti-parties, from the anti-federalists to the anti-masons. It’s about time an antisocialism party got on the ballot.

  2. One more baddass post of talk-a-raptor being nostalgic, I’m not afraid of seeing classic stuff. As a matter of fact, that’s the only motivation I’ve to still watch anime. No more interest in new shitty stuff unless it is recommended by Baka-Raptor, of course šŸ˜€ As usual, I save the trouble of watching intensive sagas of filler episodes by following your suggestions. Thanks Baka!

    • I need to watch more old anime. Lately I’ve been choosing anime based mainly on three factors: what my kids at school are familiar with, what merchandise is being sold in stores, and what songs are available at karaoke.

      It’s painful to think the kids at my school never knew a world before Naruto Filler, and most of them weren’t born before Lucky Star turned all anime into moe filler bullshit. Oh well, I’m going to go watch Terra Formars.

  3. Twenty aught four, eh? That was my second year of college as well, though I didn’t start watching Azumanga until…2005 or 2006 I believe. I was wondering if you would ever make good on your reply saying that there was a post on this anime coming. Guess you did. As I said before, this show was the reason I started looking for high school comedies originally. I was always looking for a similar dynamic, but could never quite find it again. Osaka was my favorite because Kansai-ben is the best dialect ever. It sounds so lyrical to me. I also liked the character interactions and how they changed as the series progressed. Nothing drastic, but there was a bit of maturation for some of them. I also loved “The Talk” scene towards the end when Nyamo gets wasted and proceeds to tell the girls about adult romance/sex/whatever those random scenic views may or may not have represented. I tried watching Lucky Star, because on paper it seemed like it should be the same, but it took me three tries to get past episode 1. Not a good sign. Nichibros is about the only show I can think of that gave me the same feels: Oddball characters doing hilarious things in high school. This sort of show is difficult to recommend these days for the reasons you stated. It’d be like telling someone to watch the first couple iterations of Tenchi Muyo. As much as I adore Yotsuba and her adventures, it probably is best it stay in manga form, at least until they could make a good coherent season from it, like a funny Usagi Drop…without the unfortunate manga only ending. Another option would be to make it a series of shorts like Tonari no Seki-kun. It may work well in that format.

    • It’s highly probable that my recommendations back in 2004 led to a chain of recommendations that got to you in 2005-6. You’re welcome.

      Kansai-ben is the best -ben. “The characters speaking Kansai-ben are often associated with the stereotypical Osakan image of being humorous, miserly, epicurean, gaudy, vulgar, energetic or even involved with yakuza”, says Wikipedia. I wanted a Kansai teaching position, but they stuck me in Tochigi. Tochigi-ben sucks, unless you’re calling someone an idiot, in which case it’s pretty handy.

      Tonari no Seki-kun is on my list. No guaranteed review though.

      I’ll just leave this here.

      • If I have you to thank for Azumanga Daioh then Thank you Based Baka-Raptor. I heard that at one point in time Kansai-ben was used almost exclusively for villains. It is unfortunate that you didn’t get to be surrounded by Kansai speakers all day. That woulda been nice. How does one say idiot with Tochigi-ben? Is it better than Aho? When you do get around to Tonari no Seki-kun, lemme know if you think that Yotsuba would benefit from a style like that.

        Ah! Good ol drunken sex-ed. I watched it twice already and it was still good. I don’t think it will never not amuse me. I also like how Osaka looked the most attentive she’s ever been and even schooled Chiyo on some knowledge. Sakaki looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there…yet she was still listening. The random clips plus subbing music for words just makes it a fine example of a solid joke.

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