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  1. I could swear that I commented once about the +++ system reminding me of 1984, or at least thinking at some point that you’d based your system on that. Either way it’s funny to see it just now acknowledged as you hadn’t even heard of those words yet.

  2. “Can’t stop thinking about his mother’s nipples”
    I suddenly lost interest in getting that book…

    I think I might have already complained to you about the plot twist of Skin Game but I’m going to say it again. I liked the book, but I’m not really happy about the plot twist. That sounds more dramatic than I intend, but I feel like he has “betrayed” the first person perspective style of the book. Up until now he was presenting Harry’s unadulterated thoughts, if there was a lie in that then it’s Harry Dresden lying to himself.

    • Ryukishi07 ripped the idea off The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, which is MUCH shorter and possibly worth a read/listen. Yeah, it felt completely unfair, but after that, it’s fool me twice, shame on me.

  3. I listened to the 1Q84 audiobook on a drive from Pennsylvania to Texas. I didn’t have many other CDs, so I was pretty much a captive audience. Still, I turned the book off before I got a third of the way through it. After the most boring assassination scene I have ever witnessed, I waited a few more chapters for the book to pick up the pace. When it didn’t, I was pretty much done.

    • That assassination was your run-of-the-mill episode 1 boss fight. It wasn’t meant to be exciting so much as it’s there to show how the main character takes care of business. It’s like Edward Elric vs. Church Dude or Kenshin vs. Poser Kenshin. Anyway, the book never picks up pace. If you’re looking for assassinations, you’re not getting another one until the second third of the book. That one has complicating factors that make it much more interesting, but it’s still slow.

  4. Pretty good books. Now after 1984 and Lord of the Flies, I’d suggest Battle Royale and The Man in the High Castle.

    • My library does have The Man in the High Castle, which is currently downloading. They don’t have the Battle Royale audiobook available, but a quick online search of my local DVD rental shop shows Battle Royale buried somewhere behind Naked Battle Royale and Pachinko Battle Royale II.

  5. The Battle Royale movie is basically nothing like the book and atrociously bad, I’d take Naked Battle Royale over it anytime.

  6. Now, I know that your library doesn’t have access to the audiobooks, but if by hook or crook you were to somehow get a way to get your mitts on The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (Or, really, anything by Donaldson) as narrated by Scott Brick, I’d easily recommend that for as long as I have breath.
    But you probably don’t have such a way, and crack is cheaper than buying the things, so another audiobook post comment of mine dies with a groan.

    But hell, at least you’ve read Orwell’s most important work now. Perhaps more important now than ever, now that it’s a regularly used tactic by certain elements to attempt to warp society’s thoughts by torturing the language and tricking others into using their bastardized thought-free version.
    If a person were actually poisoned for every time those clueless tits misused the word “toxic”, Australia would have been totally sterilized by now.

    • You’re right, I could only find it for $94.35 more than I’m willing to pay at the moment. Better wait for the yen to strengthen vs. the dollar (like that’ll be happening anytime soon).

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