JJBA Part III: Fixed

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part III: Stardust Crusaders is better than Parts I and II in almost every way imaginable.

Part I: Phantom Blood introduced a forgettable lead, incompetent side characters, a lousy power system, and one crappy fight after the next. It’s only saving grace was its charismatic antagonist.

Part II: Battle Tendency gave its lead some much-welcome charisma, but it also brought in more incompetent side characters, pushed the flailing power system to its death throes, and with few exceptions featured fights that were every bit as crappy as Part I’s.

Part III addressed every criticism I had of Parts I and II. (I love it when authors listen to me.) Stardust Crusaders brought back the best characters from Parts I & II. It made its side characters relevant and useful. It threw out a failing power system in favor of one that had plenty of room to develop. Part III didn’t completely outgrow its predecessors’ penchant for idiotic battle tactics, but it improved significantly.

Stardust Crusaders Season 1: +

Stardust Crusaders Season 2: ++

Final Grade: +

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  1. But isn’t JoJo Part III story written 20 years ago?

    Either way… i respect your opinion… from ONE perspective.
    But from other perspective i feel like you missed the point of JoJo

    The point of JoJo is in nonsense, insanity, gloating and bizarrenes.
    It’s not a shounen… it’s mostly it’s own thing that uses shounen genre as basis and parodies it at the same time.

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