10 Years of Going Downhill

Other notes:

  • Moved from Tochigi to Chiba. I’m expecting to stay in Japan for another two years.
  • Another reason I’ve been slow on the updates is due to getting hacked several years back. I’ve done what I could to clean it up, but I’ve been unable to completely resolve it. The lag on this site affects post writing, and the annoyance makes me that much less motivated to write. Anyone good with WordPress want to help?
  • I’ll be in New York from late-July to mid-August. Anyone think they can inspire me to write more?


11 Replies to “10 Years of Going Downhill”

  1. Congrats baka! Let’s celebrate another 10 years of going downhill, I miss the financial balance which demonstrated how benevolent you are by maintaing the site on loss every year.

    • I’m too lazy to find my receipts, but I estimate it’s been about $60/year. I could’ve bought 600 tacos.

  2. Hey, congrats on 10 years of consistency! I haven’t been here since the beginning, but I’m definitely a prehistoric fan. We all have our creative outlets, and they often change over time. It’s great that you’re still finding things to be passionate about, even if it’s at the expense of something else. I average about 5 episodes of anime per year these days, but I still check your site a few times a month for new posts because I enjoy your writing style and your perspective; it’s no matter that I’m out of the loop on the shows you’re discussing.

    My favorite Baka-Raptor memory: The post you did several years back where you detailed your refusal to watch shows that were currently airing, talking about how shows get dropped by fansubbers or cancelled by networks, and talking about how it’s not worth the heartache or the wait, or the later-season drop in quality. I have adopted that stance in all media, and it’s the reason that my wife has been agonizing over when the latest Game of Thrones release will come (has it been 4 years now since a book?) VS the fact that I never even started the series. The last unfinished novel series I started before I read your post was the 1st Kingkiller Chronicles book by Patrick Rothfuss – when he finally comes out with book 3 I will read book 2 and end the last cliffhanger of my life. Thanks Baka-Raptor, for a tangible decrease to my stress and anxiety levels!

    My second-favorite Baka-Raptor memory: That time I drunk-dialed (emailed) you like 8 years ago, gushing about how you were my favorite anime blogger, and how I wanted to get into blogging because of you. I felt so silly the next day, but you replied anyway.

    Final grade: ++ / would continue to check site infrequently while it goes downhill for 10 more years

    • Geez, that was 8 years ago? Feels more like 5 or 6.

      I’ve been avoiding Game of Thrones myself for that very reason. I’ll probably review it in another 3 years.

  3. I’ve only ever watched a few episodes of the best podcast in the universe (podcasts aren’t my thing) but the last one I saw had Dick being a very, very pro trump supporter. It wouldn’t suprise me if Maddox simply couldn’t keep stomaching that.

    I saw Maddox’s podcast about Brexit. I was pretty disappointed about how little he understood the problems with it.

    • Dick’s support of Trump is sincere, but he makes it funny enough that it’s tolerable.

      The Brexit podcast was a prime example of a topic that just doesn’t naturally lend itself to comedy. If Maddox is basically going to do the same research as the pros, but worse, the podcast has little value. One of the reasons that Maddox and Dick’s “research” on The Biggest Problem podcast worked so well is that it took on topics that typically aren’t the subject of constant research and analysis.

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