Guess the Arslan Senki Personality

  1. Hot-blooded shounen hero
  2. Average Joe dragged into a larger-than-life scenario against his will
  3. Guy (or possibly a girl) whose true strength comes from within

  1. Benevolent dictator
  2. Merciless warlord
  3. Incompetent buffoon

  1. Benevolent dictator
  2. Merciless warlord
  3. Incompetent buffoon

  1. Obsequious lackey
  2. Guy whose boss is an incompetent buffoon

  1. Shitty Indian character

  1. Proof that men and women can be friends
  2. Proof that men and women need to bang

  1. Moé character
  2. The devil incarnate
  3. Bad guy—but only due to his traumatic past

  1. Just 2 Guyz
  2. The most overpowered duo in the history of anime

  1. The voice of reason
  2. Insane cultist

  1. Traitor
  2. Not a traitor

Bonus Question: What do you get when the author of Legend of the Galactic Heroes and the artist of Fullmetal Alchemist team up?

  1. An anime that keeps you guessing.
  2. The only anime I’ve seen in which every character’s face is a spoiler.

7 Replies to “Guess the Arslan Senki Personality”

  1. The writer isn’t likely responsible for the character design. You’re so right about all this though.

    • I do place some blame on the author for writing one-dimensional characters, but yes, most of the blame is on the artist.

  2. I can’t believe I am saying that about material by the author of LOGH but I think I’d rather have another season of Guin Saga. Or another season of 12 Kingdoms. Or another season of Seirei no Moribito. Or another season of Banner of of the Stars. The superior possibilities are endless but I guess only bishe character designs get the sales these days…

  3. The only ones that give away their personalities based on looks alone are the first, third and second to last. Even then, the last one is borderline because he’s just a guy doing an evil laugh, which anyone can do in this day and age. The rest don’t give away much of anything, although when paired with the given choices it is obvious which is correct, with the exception of the two pairing images don’t tell you anything if you aren’t familiar with the series.

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