Don’t vote for Hillary

Your voting preference should be as follows:

  1. Third-party/independent/write-in
  2. Don’t vote
  3. Trump
  4. Hillary

Everyone knows that Trump’s a shitty candidate, albeit for reasons as lazy as “he’s a racist!”, or as shallow as “his name was actually Drumpf!”. However, if you’re going by a lesser-of-two-evils analysis, Trump is by far the un-worse choice.

  • Trump won’t have enough congressional support to push his policies through. Hillary will.
  • Trump won’t get reelected. Hillary will.
  • Trump’s presidency will destroy the Republican establishment. Hillary’s presidency will empower the Democratic establishment.

But enough about Trump. Let’s talk about why Hillary can go fuck herself. First, a few things I don’t care about. I don’t have a problem with anything she did before running for Senate. I don’t care that she’s a mediocre speaker. I don’t care that she’s a woman, and I don’t care that she’s white. I don’t care (much) about the e-mail controversy or Benghazi (yeah, it’s corrupt, but if you’re not going to punish Bush/Cheney for the shit they pulled, you’re not going to get Hillary either).

My beef with Hillary began when she shamelessly moved to New York for the sole purpose of running for Senate. Why New York? Like every decision in her career, it was a deliberate political calculation. A Senate seat would be opening soon in New York, unlike in Illinois and Arkansas. There was no rule barring a new resident from running for office. New York is a majority Democratic state. With Clinton’s connections and name recognition, she could easily win. I didn’t have a political affiliation at the time, and I had a somewhat positive opinion of Bill Clinton’s presidency, but I thought Hillary’s carpetbagging was kind of douchey and tried to convince my parents to vote for the other guy (they didn’t). A few years after Hillary was elected, I moved out of state for college. Somehow I resisted the urge to run for Senate.

I didn’t pay attention to Hillary again until she ran for president in 2008. Despite my objections to Hillary’s run for Senate, I didn’t have any immediate problems with her running for President. Then I watched the primary debates. Hillary’s smug sense of entitlement came back tenfold. Sure that she’d win the Democratic primary, she presented herself as the most conservative candidate on stage to posture for the general election. She constantly bashed the other candidates’ liberal positions, including those on national defense, civil liberties, and gay rights. Despite having barely served a term as senator herself, she led the attacks on Barack Obama’s inexperience. Remember the 3 a.m. phone call ads?

Despite Hillary having a huge early lead, Democratic voters surprisingly got their shit together and voted for Obama’s Hope and Change™. (Somehow they weren’t on board with Hillary condescendingly offering Obama the VP slot on her “dream ticket” as soon as she sensed Obama could possibly beat her.) Barack Obama wouldn’t return that favor for his VP slot, but he was under enough political pressure to at least hand Hillary the Secretary of State job.

In the 2016 primary season, Hillary tried to walk back her “I’m the most conservative Democrat!” strategy and this time present herself as a champion of liberalism. There was just one problem: her main competition was an actual liberal. So Hillary did the next best thing: she relied on superdelegates, her husband’s political network, and DNC cronyism to keep the race from ever getting too close.

In conclusion, Hillary Clinton is an obnoxious asshole who not only feels entitled to political office but will say or do anything to get there. Don’t reward this bitch by voting for her.

20 Replies to “Don’t vote for Hillary”

  1. wait but what do i do if my voting preference is instead “anyone who would stop russia from starting another world war by invading a weakening EU”

  2. “Trump won’t have enough congressional support to push his policies through. Hillary will.”

    I’m not too hip on the US government but wasn’t Obama constantly fighting against the senate/whatever in order to get his policies through? Having to work around them and stuff. Didn’t he get Obamacare through despite that opposition?

    It just seems to me like the President of the United States could probably get a lot done even with opposition from the rest of the government. Plus you know, weren’t people saying similar things when they dismissed Trump’s chances for becoming President?

    • There was a Democratic majority in both Houses of Congress when Obamacare was passed, and it was still difficult to get through. Trump would probably inherit a slight Republican majority in both Houses, but there’s a significant contingent of Republicans who can’t stomach him. It’ll be difficult for him to pass legislation that the Republican establishment doesn’t approve of.

      Yes, the President has a lot of power regardless of Congressional support, but there are a lot of checks and balances that Congress has declined to exercise with recent Presidents. Perhaps a Trump presidency will inspire Congress to finally reign in the executive branch.

  3. So basically because Hillary is a carpetbagger and smug mofo you would rather see America suffer, got it.

    It’s all fun and games and jokes until your retirement savings tanks by 20% because Trump gets elected. Just ask all the Brits.

  4. Well if I lived in America I’d vote Gary Johnson. Not exectly my favourite libertarian but better than Hillary and Trump.

    For me it goes something like this:

    Gary Johnson >> Donald Trump > Not voting >>>> Hillary Clinton >>>>>>>> Jill Stein >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> John Bachtell who isnt actually running and indorsed Hillary… Yes thats the leader of the comunist party USA…

    • I like Gary Johnson a lot. I just wish presented himself better. I’ve been really impressed by his running mate, Bill Weld, in terms of presentation, though I must admit I haven’t looked into his background all that much. In any case, they’ll have my vote.

      Not sure what other parties will be on the ballot in New York. There’s always a socialist party here, or two, or three.

  5. I would have been perfectly content to just not vote, considering that no doubt widespread voter fraud would somehow wind up making my vote go towards Hillary anyways, just like it did in the primaries, but then I watched evidence mount that Senator Hillary R. Clinton was in fact Senator Hillary R. Clinton.
    It was with a peculiar sort of nausea that I watched the director of the FBI perform a sudden 180 in position and boldly claim, after an interview without transcript and not under oath, that ignorance of the law was a perfect defense for her actions of gross incompetence and ignorance.

  6. Ara, Trump won’t be re-elected, but he’ll only need one term to do irreparable damage. As Pedro said, ‘…are you happy now?’

    • Of course I’m happy that the notoriously anti-gay, and even worse, anti-lesbian Hillary Clinton won’t be president. Remember 2004? While you were putting the moves on Natsuki, here’s what Hillary was up to:

  7. Well, Trump isn’t worthy to be prez, but Hillary even much less, just cause he screwed Bernie Sanders over. I’d much prefer Bernie Sanders to be US President, maybe he should try again after four years.

  8. Ara. To inject bleach or not to inject bleach. Is that really the question?
    As I said in 2016. One term. Irreparable damage.
    At least I hope it’s one term.

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