Summer 2017 Travel Roundup


Atomic Bomb Dome: +++

Peace Park & Museums: +++

Itsukushima Shrine: +

Hiroshima Castle: +

Hiroshima Carp: +

Hiroshima: ++


War Memorials: ++

Churaumi Aquarium: ++

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel Part I: Presage Flower: ++

Shuri Castle: +

International Street: +

American Village: +

Okinawa World: +

Beaches/Scuba Diving: +

Gusuku Castles: ~

Okinawa: +


Royal Palace & Temples: +++

Koh Tao/Scuba Diving: ++

Food: ++

Foot & Swedish Massages: +

Thai Massages: ~

Prostitution: ~

Thailand: +


Public Health & Sanitation: ~~~

Adherence to the Hague Apostille Convention: ~~~

Rush Hour Traffic: ~~~

India: ~~~

4 Replies to “Summer 2017 Travel Roundup”

  1. So… are the Tildes because its a thing there that you don’t like, or because you’ve had first had experience with it and it was disappointing. Because if it is option number 2, I have some questions about what happened in Thailand.

    • I have some questions about it too…

      Prostitutes in Thailand are literally everywhere, and on average they don’t look any better than the non-prostitutes, who are perfectly approachable. The annoying thing is hitting on women only to find out they’re prostitutes, or preemptively asking women if they’re prostitutes, thereby offending them (even if they are prostitutes). In any case, if you’re young and foreign, you’re better off trying to pick up chicks the old-fashioned way.

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