Black Mirror’s Diversity Problem

Yeah, I know, it’s been ages since I’ve made a video. This just happened to be the kind of topic you need to put your face on camera for to make sure nobody will accuse you of having white privilege. Now back to watching anime, where everyone is white Japanese and nobody has to tread carefully around political correctness.

2 Replies to “Black Mirror’s Diversity Problem”

  1. Western TV & Cinema: “We felt that not including any black actors in “The Handmaid’s Tale”, like in the book where the black population has been forcibly resettled outside of the new United States, might… offend someone. So, we went ahead and sabotaged our own anti-racist message and tried to make excuses about it with the help of the by this point honestly senile author of the book and some really retarded arguments.”

    Meanwhile, Japanese TV & Cinema: “In the “Psycho-Pass” movie we will have a black main villain who quotes Frantz Fanon. because why the hell not?! Black people and Marxists are not above critic you know…”

    Yeah, I think I will stick with Japanese media. Honestly, Western media is (mostly) a disgrace at this point, for all the reason you mentioned and more.

    • Same reason you can’t go farther back in time than “That ’70s Show”. Better to ignore history than to make anyone feel uncomfortable. You’re more likely to see a Japanese TV show set in the U.S. in the before the passage of the Civil Rights Act than an American one.

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