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  1. If they had selected you for the job back then, Would you have accepted it? I got the impression you dodged the bullet because captain Flair despised you 😛 Fortunately, you found a better company to work with.

    I did have a bad experience with a company myself, particularly with the two chiefs of talent management, who were training us, the new recruits. They always told us how great they are, the numerous prizes they have won for outstanding talent management and how they have ten years of data and experience to back up their practices.

    I was reprimanded for not laughing at the chiefs jokes, for asking questions about when we will be given our id cards to enter the building, for asking for the schedule of activities. That I have anxiety and I need to relax and to hear them because I wasn’t following their advice. Heck, even my peers got brainwashed or something, because some of them reprimanded me and called me lazy for not working extra hours the weekend like them.

    When we were tested for our skills, I was among the recruits who achieved the highest score possible, but I was fed up with the attitude of the chiefs and the peers who called me lazy. So, I decided to resign. Oh boy, I was told that I was unprofessional, I was a danger to the rest of the group, I was somebody who didn’t have what it takes to work for them, I didn’t have anything to offer to them, I was a weird one in the group, that I was perfect to marry the weird one of the previous recruit group, that They have ten years of experience and now exactly the type of person I was, and how I ruined my chance to work for such a great company. They make me feel like shit. I left the group, and they made offensive jokes about me later when speaking with the other recruits.

    It was an awful experience. Later, I went to an interview in another company, where a psychologist was one of the interviewers. I didn’t pass the interview process but I was given a valuable information about me which helped me to have a better job on which I’m happy.

    P.D: Sorry for my english, I’m not a native english speaker.

    • I would’ve accepted simply because there’s no guarantee that I would’ve gotten an offer from Interac. Surely the real thing couldn’t be as bad as the interview process, but just in case I didn’t like it, I could always quit.

      That company sounds like trash. Glad you were able to move on to something better. Now you need to make them pay for it by making a YouTube video or something.

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