4 Replies to “Leave Apu Alone”

  1. I hate people who go back to these shows and bitch about the stereotypical characters. In the first place, how much of Apu is a “stereotypical Indian” and has much has become “stereotypical Indian” because of Apu.

    It’s like if people complain that Lord of the Rings was cliche. It created those damn cliches.

    Didn’t all the characters in the Simpsons start as a stereotypical character anyway? It’s a cartoon

    • It sounds like you want SJWs to do actual research. That’s racist.

      SJWs and bullies (is there a difference?) don’t care what the actual stereotypes are. They’ll take whatever they feel is a stereotype and run with it. That’s why it doesn’t matter what Apu’s accent or catchphrase is. You’ll get attacked regardless.

  2. The only problem with the Simpsons is how much the new episodes suck,Seasons 1-10 were Kino everything after that is pure cringe.

    • Season 1 has some crappy episodes too, back when they were still figuring out where to go with the show. My general recommendation is seasons 2-8.

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