8 Replies to “Black Panther: The Blackest Movie Ever”

  1. I watched this review and completely disagree. Black Panther enjoys too much cis-male privilege to properly make a statement on social injustice. Post again when there’s a movie about a black trans-female superhero.

  2. Holy Shit Baka-Raptor,

    Where are the Attack on Titan Season I, II and III reviews ?

    I’m too old to watch two animes at the same time, so I’ll only start to watch another show after all seasons have ended and the anime catches up with the future finished manga.

    Or it can go downhill and follow the path of knowledge of ancient Naruto genjitsu scrolls to incorporate UNECESSARY YET PROFITABLE FILLER EPISODES which I’ll undoubtely bitch about it on your website and ultimately drop it.


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