April 2020: JAPAN IS SAFE

I am the Best Epidemiologist Ever.

On April 17th, I made the coronavirus my bitch. New cases have declined ever since. Stay tuned for periodic updates in which I rub my unmatched scientific expertise in your face.

Speaking of science, Dr. Stone was great when it wasn’t a lecture. Inspiration > Perspiration > Explanation. ++

The ++ streak continued with The Promised Neverland. It may even get bumped up to +++ if the next season delivers. Grading is a real pain in the ass when stories are split into 12-13 episode “cours”. ++

The most egregious example of cour-splitting in recent memory is Haikyuu: To the Top. How the hell do you end several plays into a new match? (Still great though.) ++

A full season ending with a teaser for the next season is a completely different story, as demonstrated by Season 4 of My Hero Academia, which finally had a multi-threaded action arc. ++

My ++ streak was finally broken by Chihayafuru 3. It was the best of times. +++

Last year I broke my rib doing karate. It was the worst of times. But it least it proved that anime characters fighting through injury isn’t entirely implausible.

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