June 2020: Return to Akihabara

I spent the first half of the month binge-watching Yowamushi Pedal Seasons 3-4, which you can get through fairly quickly when you skip all the openings, endings, and stupid omake scenes. Following tradition, I biked to Akihabara to review Season 3. Then I broke tradition by taking the train/other train/cable car/ropeway/boat through Hakone to review Season 4. Overall, it’s still good, but not as good as Seasons 1-2, and more importantly, the arc isn’t even over yet. If you’re literally the one person reading this who’s finished Season 2 but hasn’t started Season 3, I’d recommend waiting until the next season comes out before proceeding.

I spent the second half of the month trying to figure out what ongoing anime weren’t hit by the plague of Covid-19-induced mid-season haituses. The best thing to come out of that was Kaguya-sama Kokurasetai/Love is War. Rare is the gimmick-based comedy with staying power. A fuller review including thoughts on Season 2 will come out in July.

Muv-Luv Alternative Tracker: Now up to Chapter 9, which is called “The Neverending Battle. Seriously. At least it’s self-aware.

Finally, a not-so-quick word on the rioting in the US. Here’s the short version: Fuck the Police, and Fuck the Rioters. Hopefully I won’t have to follow this one up.

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