April 2021: Database

The back wall of my studio is finally complete with the final addition being a tapestry of Echidna, the star of Re:Zero Season 2. It’s a shame this exemplary specimen of womanhood wasn’t in literally every scene.

How do you review JuJutsu Kaisen without comparing it to Naruto and Bleach? I couldn’t.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 partnered with a candy producer to make gummy slimes. Whoever thought of that deserves to be president.

Several years back, I tweeted that Umineko was more or less the same as a 2012 movie called Life of Pi. This was met with nothing but sarcasm and derision. Well, now who’s laughing?

In perhaps the most important video I’ve ever made, I break down Hari Kondabolu’s hit piece “The Problem with Apu” and call him out for being a whiny little bitch.

Log Horizon Season 3 has a few problems. First of all, the intro song is no longer Database. Second of all, I forgot everything that happened in Season 1 & 2. Third of all, by time Season 4 comes out, I’ll have forgotten everything that happened in Season 3.

The Japanese Patent Office released a manga. You heard me. If I’m up to snuff on my national stereotypes, soon we’ll see USPTO examiners dancing on TikTok.

This month in Crystalis:

2 Replies to “April 2021: Database”

  1. Log Horizon season 3 was pretty disappointing. The first arc was the most interesting one, but that is only by comparison to the later ones. The second arc is mostly just Crusty and Kaname wandering around confused. The last one is an arc for the junior party which are never interesting, I actually still haven’t watched the last two episodes.

    I haven’t watched JuJutsu Kaisen since even with good shonen anime, you just keep watching until you get bored of it.

    • The last two episodes have some good Akatsuki moments, you may as well finish them up.

      Also, I will never spell Krusty without a ‘K’.

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