July 2021: Throwback

Higurashi’s back with a vengeance, literally. Answer arcs are moving quickly at only 3 episodes each, so it’s your lucky month—you’re getting one video for Oniakashi-hen and another one for Wataakashi-hen.

Tanya the Evil may be a fascist, but her hairstyle sure isn’t. No wonder she lost the war.

Megalobox Season 1 was a direct ripoff homage to Ashita no Joe. Season 2 (“Nomad”) went where I never expected: somewhere Ashita no Joe didn’t.

No Crystalis this month, I’ve been too busy volunteering for the Olympics. (Posts forthcoming on both topics.)

2 Replies to “July 2021: Throwback”

  1. Just to make sure, you knew that Megalobox project was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ashita no Joe right? That’s why Ashita no Joe is in the opening credits right?

    • Yes, I mentioned that in my video. The problem isn’t that Megalobox is a tribute project, it’s that Season 1 is way too derivative of Ashita no Joe.

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