Yuru Yuri: Too Much Yuru, Not Enough Yuri

I once complained that Candy Boy had a misleading title. The upside, which I failed to appreciate at the time, is that it was the good kind of misleading: the kind that surprised you with lesbians. Yuru Yuri’s deception isn’t so generous. It has yuri in the title, another word that’s 3/4 yuri, and a space in the middle that presumably symbolizes female genitalia. Either this was the most lesbian show ever or it was the world’s most unethical case of domain parking.

Yuru Yuri is good when it’s about lesbians doing lesbian things (hereinafter “yuri”). Yuru Yuri isn’t good when it’s about middle school girls telling each other crappy jokes (hereinafter “yuru”). The first season had a passable 50/50 yuru/yuri ratio. The yuri was enjoyable but only so much as middle schoolers could make it. I wasn’t crazy about the yuru, but it was sufficiently spread out not to get tiresome, and once in a while the jokes were actually funny.

Yuru Yuri (Season 1): +

The second season had an awful 75/25 yuru/yuri ratio. It’s like each episode flipped a coin to decide if it was going to be a yuru episode or a yuri episode, and even when yuri won it was deferred to the second half. Some of the episodes, without exaggeration, had more yuri in the commercial bumpers than the actual episodes. I think I’ve finally discovered why. Many recent anime have gone with random words and/or symbols to denote sequel seasons. Yuru Yuri went with balls.

Yuru Yuri ♪♪ (Season 2): ~

The drop in yuri wasn’t the only problem. The yuru dropped in quality as it rose in quantity. Aside from the comical victimization of Akari, I can’t recall any of the yuru being any good. In fact, I can list all four episodes of Yuru Yuri Balls I found watchable:

  • episode 1
  • episode 7
  • episode 11
  • episode 12

All the other good parts were in the first season. No wonder the best episode of Yuru Yuri Balls had a time machine.

The second season also produced the worst song ever.

In conclusion, the entire anime should’ve been about Akari’s sister molesting everyone.