Let Japan Make Its Own Shitty Movies

Hollywood’s shitty live-action anime adaptations are stealing attention from Japan’s own shitty live-action anime adaptations. They’re taking shitty movie making jobs away from Japan’s native shitty movie makers. Japanese kids are seeing all these shitty movies made by foreigners and wondering if they can even dream of making shitty movies themselves.

Hollywood doesn’t respect Japan’s tried and true formula for making shitty live-action anime adaptations:

  1. Leech off a title that’s already massively popular.
  2. Spend 90% of the budget on costumes.
  3. Make ads that’ll get potential viewers thinking, “These movies are usually awful, but the costumes are so fucking good, maybe it’ll actually be watchable this time!”
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

Instead, Hollywood makes movies where everyone looks stupid AND the movie sucks. The SJWs are right. Hollywood shouldn’t appropriate Japanese culture. Leave the shitty movies to Japan.