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  1. My Hero Academia is certainly a “traditional” shonen, although he subverts things in an interesting ways at times. As I’m sure you are aware, that is intentional.

    I agree that it makes it less engaging despite being enjoyable and fun to watch. I’ve not actually gotten around to picking up the third season, partially because I’m read most of the manga it covers already.

    In My Hero Academia teachers that they “lose to” normally wipe the floors with the villians when they get involved. For example Eraser with the first villian arc was easily defeating all the regular villians and just got cheap shotted by the main villian and use wrap friend. Then he got beat up by the special anti-hero dude which the students couldn’t do anything against.

    The teachers in the school are normally considered the “top heroes” where most of the non-student heroes that get beaten up are more normal heroes. The students are in the best school in the country so they are probably the strongest students in the country too.

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