Just what Inu Yasha Needs: Another Profound Test of Character

Naraku is too damn brave. He needs to wuss out of more fights and try manipulating third parties from afar, thereby subjecting Inu Yasha’s gang to a profound test of character: will they kill the innocent or be killed themselves?

Too many power-ups are the well-deserved fruits of arduous training. Once in a while, it might be nice if power-ups were the magical result of a profound test of character, such that strengthening of weaponry and strengthening of the heart were one and the same.

I’m still not convinced that Inu Yasha and Kagome trust each other. I think they need to endure about twenty more profound tests of character, preferably the kind in which they get trapped in illusions that can only be broken if they resist temptation, overcome their doubts, and demonstrate their unflinching belief in one another.

Sesshoumaru gets too much screen time. We should only have to see him about once every ten episodes, and only when a profound test of character teaches him that the power of heartless rancor is nothing compared to the power of having something to protect.

Shippo isn’t useless. He is what he is.

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  1. I always wanted to see Shippo get his own spin-off series. It’d involve him going around with some other little kid demons and getting into ancient Japan-times adventures and antics, and each episode’d end with Shippo getting beaten up by some bully monster or getting dumped by some human girl or some other humiliating situation. It’d be Charlie Brown or something, except with Oni.

    • I always wanted to see Shippo time travel to the past to battle his former self to the death. But I suppose your idea would be a little more in character. Shippo did have that one episode where he battles some lizard thing and gets dumped.

    • he is not totally useless. i looked on the useless post and some people want him dead because they think he is useless. that would be like me saying i want to kill some 7 year old because he sits around and just eats and complains. besides at-least he is not a pervert like mirocko and 99.99% of all boys today over the age of 4. on that its funny how innocent he is to be around someone like mirocko. and without him some of the characters would be dead. he has helped in at-least 10-or more episodes. on that he is my second fav character because he is a cute little kid and has a few helpful powers.he would probably help alot more the any kid today (no offense). i did have more to say but i don’t want to p-o or offend to many people ok.

  2. No comment on how Kikyo keeps coming in and giving Inu Yasha a profound test of character as he is forced to decide between the past and the present? Or is that included in the whole Inu Yasha/Kagome dynamic?

  3. If Shippo got his own show it could be used as a form of torture.

    If you wanted to break someone down mind, body and soul, you’d just tie them to a chair, tape open their eyelids and make them watch it.

    Shippo isn’t useless, that is true, he’s far worse, he’s annoying as all hell! A better ending to the Thunder Bros arc, would have been for a bolt of lightning to hit him and then have Hiten and Manten eat roasted, kitsune, kebab for dinner.

    Was that too harsh?

    InuYasha and Kagome would have a much better relationship if they just got it over with and shagged.

    • Progress in a romantic relationship? Over Rumiko Takahashi’s dead body!

      A Shippo show might sound like torture if you haven’t seen K-ON. After K-ON, I could even take 13 repetitions of the Konoha Annual Sports Festival. I am 100% desensitized to crappy anime.

      • Hahaha oh I know. Looks like Sakura and Rokudo from Rinne have already begun the long road of endless denial about their feelings.

        *Is totally glad she has never watched K-ON* Can the negative effects of such a show be negated by watching something that is pure GAR I wonder?

  4. Actually in my mind, your the very last guy in the world I thought would do an Inu Yasha post. This is the final arc, right? I still don’t see it ending…

  5. THIS is still going? Even Onepiece is moving on; the human bitch and the demon bitch apparently haven’t developed at all throughout the story I imagine?

    • You imagine correctly. The only couple I find more frustrating is Nakajima x Miyuki from You’re Under Arrest. I haven’t seen the whole series, yet still, they’re the most hopeless couple I’ve ever seen.

  6. I think that Kikyou doesn’t die come back to life enough. I also feel like her relationship with Kagome is too close (they should resent each other at least a little bit). Just a few more observations.

    • Miroku is a little too prude with Sango. He should loosen up once in a while. Jaken doesn’t suck up to Sesshoumaru enough. Myouga doesn’t sound enough like Happosai.

  7. Hey guys, i think Baka-Raptor is blogging about InuYasha because of the new installment of the series: Kanketsu-hen,

    otherwise it is cool for baka-raptor to blog about series long forgotten by the public and that are not getting to much attention such as : YuYu Hakusho, Dragon Ball, Berserk, Legend of Galactic Heroes…among others 😉

  8. Not having seen Inuyasha, I can only guess that you’re being sarcastic by your tone. Btw. I had thought Inuyasha ended… I guess not.

  9. Alone among all story-heavy (hah!) manga I’ve read, I dropped Inu-Yasha before finishing it. No resolution, no development, nothing ever changing. All just more of the same.

    I expect that in Ranma 1/2. Ranma 1/2 is an episodiac comedy comic, one that happens to include crazy martial arts. It is, effectively, the most awesome sitcom ever made. If things changed too much from mini-arc to mini-arc, that would be an advanced warning of Cerebus Syndrome, and, in turn, not necessarily a good thing.

    Inu-Yasha is a plot based comic(nominally). WHY WON’T PLOT HAPPEN?! I dropped it during the whole ” person who was actually two people, one a sickle-weasel, one a beastman” arc and never looked back. Instead, I read a basic summary of the whole thing on Wikipedia every once in a while til it ended. It was a breath of fresh air, as it was just like reading the comic, only condensed. Like soup, if condensed soup didn’t need to be uncondensed to taste good. Which means it isn’t like soup at all, come to think.

    Compare that with Dance in the Vampire Bund. There’s a good manga. A bit heavy on the loli-fanservice for your tastes, I think, Monsieur Dinosaurio, but an excellent story and plenty of good moments, both grittily violent and sweet and touching. The story moves. Don’t know a thing about the show, and I heard it has literally nothing in common with the manga by the author’s request, but I think the manga is now one of my favorite manga of all time.

  10. I actually liked this anime. However, during of after the Band of Seven arc, the series really started to drag for me, and when I found out there was an ending, I was disappointed to find that not only did it end after 56 installments (i.e. in the manga), but there was very little progress at all between where the first anime ended (the middle of Vol. 36) and the final battle. Yes, the Tessaiga had power ups, but most of them served little or no relevance to the plot.

    As for Naraku, he has got to be one of the most STUPID super villains to ever grace a manga/anime. On at least three occasions, he has the power to kill the heroes without breaking a sweat, but instead he lets them live. I’m aware that he was doing it for laughs and/or manipulating them, but Takahashi doesn’t make it come across as well done, putting him on the same level of a random James Bond villain.

    A shame. This had the potential to be something. Not necessarily on the level of Death Note or Fullmetal Alchemist, but much better that what it turned out to be.

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