Squid Girl vs. Jellyfish Princess: An Objective Analysis


Round 1: Japanese Title

Jellyfish Princess: Kuragehime (5 syllables, all one word)

Squid Girl: Shinryaku! Ika Musume (8-9 syllables, three words, questionable punctuation)

Advantage: Jellyfish Princess

Round 2: Not Improperly Called Slice-of-Life

Jellyfish Princess: Animesuki 2010 Choice Awards

Squid Girl: Anime News Network

Advantage: Draw

Round 3: Tentacle Rape

Jellyfish Princess: Only date rape

Squid Girl: Tentacles did everything but rape

Advantage: Draw

Round 4: Appeal to Feminists

Squid Girl: A show feminists would rave about if they actually cared about feminism instead of self-satisfaction. The female characters ran their own business. They were subject to comical violence typically reserved for males. They made occasional crude jokes without it feeling gimmicky. The lesbian stalker came off as creepy instead of hot. One of the female characters even went to MIT (girls need to stop studying useless subjects and become engineers). Of course, feminists wouldn’t notice any of this because there’s no “strong” stick-it-to-the-man feminist fanservice character.

Jellyfish Princess: Ugly chicks and crossdressing

Advantage: Jellyfish Princess

Round 5: Mini Mascots

Jellyfish Princess: Clara (Tequila!)

Squid Girl: Mini Squid Girl was LAME. The ending was sappy and everything before that was moé crap.


Advantage: Jellyfish Princess

Round 6: Beauty

Jellyfish Princess: Ugly on the outside, ugly on the inside

Squid Girl: Not a single ugly character until the scientists showed up

Advantage: Squid Girl

Round 7: Soft-Spoken Girl Voiced by Mamiko Noto

Squid Girl: None

Jellyfish Princess: A girl with a fetish for old men. By far the best of the otaku girls.

Advantage: Jellyfish Princess

Round 8: Get thee to a Nunnery

Squid Girl: None

Jellyfish Princess: They called their home the Nunnery

Advantage: Jellyfish Princess

Round 9: Get thee to a Punnery

Jellyfish Princess: Ore/Olé

Squid Girl: Nonstop squid puns in certain subs to fill in for “de geso,” which is Japanese for “I am still a squid.”

Advantage: Squid Girl

Round 10: Lesbians

Jellyfish Princess: False accusations

Squid Girl: An actual lesbian

Advantage: Squid Girl

Round 11: Opening Sequence

Jellyfish Princess: Several parodies I actually get

Squid Girl: Too many Shinryakus

Advantage: Jellyfish Princess

Round 12: No Objectionable Content

Squid Girl: None, because lesbian zoophilia isn’t objectionable

Jellyfish Princess: Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

Advantage: Squid Girl

Round 13: Crappy Sketches

Squid Girl: Crappy unless drawing with her tentacles

Jellyfish Princess: Crappy unless drawing a Benz

Advantage: Draw

Round 14: The Swooping Descent of the Dark Emissary! The Propagation of Malice

Jellyfish Princess: Not at all

Squid Girl: Sort of

Advantage: Squid Girl

Round 15: Crappy Ending

Jellyfish Princess: Yes

Squid Girl: Yes

Advantage: Draw

Winner: Jellyfish Princess (6-5-4)

60 Replies to “Squid Girl vs. Jellyfish Princess: An Objective Analysis”

  1. Is this one of the closer matchups we’ve come across?

    Also, I do have to support Clara over Mini-Ika, if only because it’s manly enough to quote John Smith (who pulled it from elsewhere) who said that those who don’t work don’t eat. Now that’s what I call leadership!

  2. I’d vote for Mini-Ika. She’s considerably easier to beat up and take your frustrations out on. Clara’d probably sting you and put you in a coma. Punching bags shouldn’t punch back like that, and being a punching bag is the role of cute things in the food chain.

  3. I’d find it hard to punch Mini-Ika, and from her perspective it’d be more ‘get slammed into by a giant wall’ :v

    Where did you steal that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence line from? It’s too intelligent.

  4. I appreciated you calling the car with a three-pointed star a “Benz” and not a “Mercedes.” The chances of you knowing a respectable amount about cars has gone up by 37%. Now it hinges on how you pronounce “Porsche.”

    Also, Squid Girl is better than Jellyfish Princess. *runs*

    • I used Benz because that’s what they used on Initial D, the source of 90% of my automotive knowledge. I mainly know how to pronounce Porsche because one of my bosses has one.

      Squid Girl lost steam in the last few episodes; otherwise I’d agree with you.

  5. I actually want a mini-ika as a pet…
    Yes the sketch was pretty crappy…

    and the shows… I really don’t mind, but I’m pretty sure Ika Musume has a second season.

    • Anime is this trendy new fad that’s comes from the word Japanimation. All the fat kids are into to it.

      I’m surprised you have complaints about the adaptation. Doesn’t EVERYONE suck up to novitaminA? (post forthcoming)

  6. baka raptor , i have two questions – how would you had compared cross game with liar game ?
    i have not watched cross game though . and secondly would you do code geass vs death note analysis ? people on internet love doing this , which annoys me !

    • I take it you remember my Cross Game vs. Liar Game poll.

      I can’t tell you who’d win because it lost the poll. I take my polling very seriously.

      Death Note beats Code Geass. The common internet arguments annoy me too, so I won’t go into detail.

  7. I’m a little apprehensive about clicking on those “Beer goggles” ads…

    So that’s what Mamiko Noto sounds like huh? And for “Round 10: Lesbians”, I originally read it as Squid Girl being a lesbian, and I was thinking “lesbian for who…?” before realising you meant the stalker girl >.<

    • The “beer goggles” ads have a positive, heartwarming message for audiences of all ages, genders, and ethnicities. Besides, my eyes get easily irritated by ugly chicks, so if I could suck it up, so can you.

      Now that you mention it, Squid Girl was kind of lesbian for that one girl who was afraid of her.

  8. Yay, new post! Now I won’t have to sit outside your front door!

    Jellyfish Princess was only an inch more entertaining. I think everyone can agree the ending sucks, benz guy is all kinds of awesome, and main-girl’s eyebrows are weird. What happened to the line eyebrows I normally see? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

  9. YOU may not want a mini-Ika, but I certainly do. Freaking adorable little thing. Totally pointless, but cute–just like stuffed animals, and I have plenty of those. I haven’t seem Kuragehime though, so I can’t say which I’d prefer here.

    • But the whore in Kuragehime was actually a whore! And no one was by any means idolizing the virginity of the otaku girls. Everyone knows that virginity is valued parabolically:

      “At the top of the parabola there is Prom Night, Junior Year. By the time you get to college (or the working world if you’re keeping it real), your virginity begins losing its appeal — both for male suitors (who begin to develop a taste for women with experience) and for you (“So WHY, exactly, am I still waiting?”).” – KSK

  10. Looks like I picked the right show to blog. It’ll be a long time coming if it ever does arrive, but I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a second season.

    Or at least, as you say, a Hanamori spin-off series.

      • Well, quite frankly, I’m pleasantly surprised that I was missed. Unless I actually wasn’t and you (probably) meant something else, haha.

        • Let’s see here…you blogged the series, helped convince me to watch it, and when I finally wrote about it, you showed up over a week late to write two lines, one of which parroted something I commented to you. Is this how you show your appreciation? Why should I ever listen to you again? Good luck getting me to watch Kimi no Todoke.

          • Wow… Okay, knowing my tastes in anime compared to yours, I’m still surprised that you’d watch something I’d been blogging/ shamelessly fangirling over for that reason alone (actually, a certain IR student and Sailor can take part-responsibity for that, I guess). In fact, I’m also surprised that you didn’t watch Shiki or P&SwG first/ instead, given how that poll of yours was doing. In addition, I was busy that fortnight marking a shiton of shitty esays. Furthermore, I thought you hated commenting on stuff in the first place, and thus preferred short/ concise comments in return. Moreover, is it a comment, as opposed to appreciation, as opposed to advice, or mere fawning that you’d prefer (I ask merely for information)? Penultimately, because I would be very sad. And finally, (and not least of all because I’ve run out of connectives), you clearly don’t know me well enough to think that I don’t know you well enough to think that I don’t know that there’s no way in hell that you’d ever like KnT.

            • Different comment styles are appropriate under different circumstances. I have a flow chart for this. Let’s see…

              If you blogged a show, recommended it, and your recommendation is a significant reason I watched it, you must comment in one of the following styles:

              – long
              – short, insightful
              – short, fawning
              – short, responsive to another comment
              – short, advice
              – medium, appreciative
              – medium, whining

              You hit long the second time around (not to mention whining and responsive). I accept your apology.

  11. hey man i think your tentacle rape picture is all wrong it has ‘g’ on front of the rape LOL!

  12. The ending of Kuragehime was quite lacking. It’s good, but not great.

    By the way, I got the book a month ago. I just don’t blog or even read as much anymore. :c

    • You’d better have gotten the book. I mailed it a week before Christmas. I had no idea international shipping took so long. Maybe they thought the book was meth or something.

  13. Man Kuragehime needs a sequel like right now. If it had one coming I would say there’s pretty much nothing to complain about (other than the lack of lesbians).

    Well worse comes to worst someone will translate the manga..probably. Like Mushishi, though the manga doesn’t have an ending anyways, or the same excellent pacing/sound/animation/atmosphere 🙁

  14. Squid girl is more better!!!!!!!! you better watch it!!!! its more gooder than jellyfish princess……. jellyfish princess sucks!!!!!! in squid girl you will learn a lot than jellyfish princess!!!!!

  15. AND FYI!!!!! Squid girl rule best!!!!!!! You have no talent to judge what is more better!!!!!! and besides mini ika museme is more cuter than that stupin tequila!!!! GRRR i hate jellyfish!!!!! squid is more better!!!!

  16. personally I do believe its chill to have one’s own opinion about it but I feel that its a little ‘too’ biased as if :> being a feminist is all that would view either of these anime. Perhaps that ‘is’ what you were aiming for but Lets face it. Lesbianism being a ‘factor’ of comparison to feminism in the matter seems a little screw ballish to me. I guess I’m just nit picking but I am in favor of Princess jelly fish. I felt that there were some decent elements that can pull the general viewer in. It is quite daring to try to make an anime run the ‘gender bender’ genre however I feel they touched the subject in such a nonchalant manner that anyone that ‘may’ be offended most likely wasn’t. With this in mind I can say that PJF was well done— in a way the general public can enjoy. However, I can say I’m a bit biased since I haven’t given squid girl the time of day.. I guess it hasn’t interested me enough to watch it all in ‘one sitting’ like PJF has. I suppose that means I can’t really take an offense approach against squid girl unless I take an ambiguous approach. Well I apologize if this seems offensive but I figured I’d just share my feelings. Take Care~!<3
    Finally, I hope you don’t continue to get people who only makes comments like ” YOUR ABILITY TO JUDGE IS STUPID SQUID GIRL IS BETTER” lol. :> that made me Roll a little I suppose… at the least a little support might better persuade other viewers to your opinion though a negative remark on someone just because they don’t choose your favorite is childish ;>

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