Baka-Raptor and the Filler of Big

I’ve recently been doing a lot of spring cleaning around the site, part of which included drastically reducing the size of my drafts folder from 170 to 99. Many of the deletions are partially reproduced below. Since these are among the shittiest ideas in the history of my site, I felt the best time to release them would be on April Fools’ Day, when everyone would think they’re a joke.

Title: The Filler of Big

Concept: Anime fans who bitch about copyright laws don’t appreciate their vital role in protecting us from Chinese counterfeit Harry Potter books.

Rejection: Too easy. The covers practically make fun of themselves. Any legal discussion on top of that would be boring and forced.

Title: 10 Things that Suck More than Mnemosyne

Concept: I’d list a bunch of things I love, thereby suggesting that Mnemosyne is the greatest thing ever. I’d also list a thing or two that really sucked, just to mix it up.

Rejection: Too gimmicky. I’d only listed four items before quitting (lesbians, dinosaurs, Mrs. Winner’s Chicken and Waffles Combo, and Eli Manning). Not that I’m against gimmicky posts, but I usually save them for shows I haven’t commented on elsewhere. I’d already done a short Mnemosyne post. No need for two.

Title: To-Love-Ru vs. Kanokon: An Objective Analysis

Concept: Comparing two simultaneously airing crappy fanservice anime.

Rejection: Ultimately covered both in as much depth as each deserved in Talk-A-Raptor 03. Nothing more to say about them. Also wary of overusing the Objective Analysis format.

Title: Does Plot Matter?

Concept: Yes it does.

Rejection: I have other drafts on the same topic.

Title: Evangelion 07

Concepts: Episodic post of Evangelion 07.

Rejection: Got bored blogging Evangelion episodes. Didn’t like the series as much as expected.

Title: My Top Five

Concept: A list of my five favorite anime. A trendy topic among bloggers at the time.

Rejection: Didn’t expect this to go anywhere. I was right, but it was worth a quick draft to make sure. Ended up writing a post criticizing other lists.

Title: Baka-Raptor’s Room vs. Ryougi Shiki’s Room: An Objective Analysis

Concept: Room posts were trendy among bloggers at the time, and I was really impressed by Ryougi Shiki’s minimalist apartment. Figured an interesting twist on the room post would be to compare my room to a room in anime.

Rejection: Decided to write the post about my apartment straight-up. Figured I’d eventually comment on Shiki’s room whenever I got around to reviewing Garden of Sinners.

Title: Kouta vs. Kota: An Objective Analysis

Concept: Kouta is the male lead of Kanokon. Kota is a toy triceratops.

Rejection: Easy win for Kota, lost interest in writing about Kanokon

Title: Golgo 13

Concept: Probably a review of Golgo 13.

Rejection: The draft was completely blank. Don’t remember if this was intentional.

Title: Breaking News: A Plothole in Bleach Filler!

Concept: Here’s what I’d already written:

I don’t want to sound like a showoff, but I just found the greatest plot hole of all time. Pay close attention to these two lines in the Shinigami Cup segment of the latest Bleach Filler episode:

Renji, don’t play dumb.

Do you see me wearing an “I like Kure-nai” shirt? No, because I’m not a pedophile. Same principle here. Renji, you’re wearing a Red Pineapple shirt. That means you’re a Red Pineapple. And you like it.

Rejection: Stupid, already written enough posts about Bleach Filler.

Title: In Defense of Hating Good Anime

Concept: Said I ought to write about this

Rejection: Too lazy, I’d rather write an original post than a reactionary one, even if that makes me a colonialist

Title: Quote Rotator

Concept: Not a post, just collecting quotes to place in a quote rotator

Rejection: Way too lazy, forgot about it, only had three quotes, don’t care anymore

Title: One Outs vs. One Piece: An Objective Analysis

Concept: Based on this poll

Rejection: It lost. Polls are absolute.

Title: Sit Three Meters Away From The TV

Concept: Twist on the anime intro segments telling you to sit in a well-lit room at least three meters from the TV. I’d list more rules on creating the proper environment for watching anime.

Rejection: Anime stopped doing these for some reason.

Title: LOL

Concept: Post in which I half-assedly use a bunch of stupid internet memes

Rejection: Don’t even know where to begin with this one, requires too much research

Title: Hodgepodge #1

Concept: A single post with various unrelated thoughts that aren’t suited for standalone posts

Rejection: Basically what this post is

Title: Slice of Life Rankings

Concept: An effort to recommend some Slice of Life shows that are actually good

Rejection: Ranking blows, would rather review each show individually

Title: How to be a cheesy Japaense idol in five easy steps

Concept: Japanese idols look stupid and act stupid

Rejection: Didn’t know how to do all the image editing I wanted to do for the post

Title: Thought-Provoking Anime

Concept: Anime that involve REAL thinking like mysteries and gambling as opposed to metaphors and intentionally crappy art

Rejection: I make this point is various other posts, no need for a standalone post

Title: Bleach Characters who need more Filler Time

Concept: Bleach filler kept focusing on the same characters despite its massive cast

Rejection: Haven’t watched Bleach in years, do not give a shit anymore

Title: Teachers > Students

Concept: Students in most of these school life shows are dumb and/or annoying, whereas their teachers tend to kick ass

Rejection: Figured I could work it into a larger post

Title: Quit bitching about new writers

Concept: It really pisses me off when some of the older bloggers disparage newer bloggers as congesting their precious blogosphere with supposedly inferior material

Rejection: Criticizing circle jerkers is still circle jerking

Title: Spring 2025 Preview

Concept: Season preview chart of what I imagine the spring 2025 season will look like

Rejection: Ultra-gimmicky, don’t want to steal Scamp’s thunder

Title: The Depth of Ga-Rei Zero

Concept: Response to criticism that Ga-Rei Zero is “good but not deep”

Rejection: I don’t really care

Title: The Men of Umineko vs. the Women of Umineko

Concept: Response to criticism that the women of Umineko are poorly portrayed, even though the women rule and the men are incompetent douchebags

Rejection: Author recanted

Title: I will not watch Sora no Woto

Concept: Argument that ignoring Sora no Woto because it ripped of the K-ON character designs is perfectly fair. If the show uses a gimmick attract some viewers, nobody can complain if it turns off other viewers.

Rejection: Don’t need a whole post to make that point.

Title: Every Character on Revolutionary Girl Utena needs a Beating

Concept: It’s true

Rejection: Decided I’d rather write a more substantive review of the show

Title: Nogizaka Haruka II is exactly like Nogizaka Haruka I

Concept: A lot of people complained that the second season was nothing like the first one. Except it was, in every way.

Rejection: Not worth an entire post.

Title: Quitting Near the End

Concept: Short commentary on anime I watched more than halfway before dropping

Rejection: Not many, The End Day series can handle these

Title: We Remember Love is the Worst Blog Ever

Concept: Post planned for my expected face-off against We Remember Love in the Aniblog Tourney

Rejection: We Remember Love lost to Hanners’ Anime ‘Blog

Title: Top 10 Anime Comedies

Concept: A list of my favorite anime comedies

Rejection: I could only think of four I really liked at the time. Could probably add more now, but whatever.

31 Replies to “Baka-Raptor and the Filler of Big”

  1. Couldn’t we just agree that Umineko was a shit show, period? Its tendency to have really flat characterizations for some of the characters, then fully-realized ones, followed by more flat characterization was obnoxious. Also, Maria, the worst loli ever. Dropped that shit after watching episode twenty-four.

    OP was awesome, though, and ED was delightfully overwrought.

    This was the most ridiculous filler post ever, P.S.

  2. This is a pretty decent post. For a filler that is. I do want to see the One Outs vs One Piece and the sit away from the TV one. I still see that message appear once in a while. It would do everyone good to see it made fun of for the hundredth time.

  3. Happy April’s Fools ! I don’t believe you don’t have any Naruto filler in you drafts you’d like to delete as well.

  4. Less filler, more reviews! The spring season is upon us…

    Can we expect the same stuff for the AniBlog Tourney? I loved your posts the last time…:D

    • Keep your pants on, more reviews are coming soon.

      Everything depends on the matchups. Right now I don’t plan to talk smack because everyone else is talking smack about the Red Bracket already.

    • I’ve given up on writing April Fools posts with the intention to fool. Everyone sees it coming. Going for something nobody sees coming fits in with the April Fools spirit and has a much lower chance of falling flat.

  5. You should just adapt my way of posting, which is to post whatever the fuck you want without proofreading or caring about whether or not it even makes any damn sense or about whether or not you’re contradicting yourself in the post.

    I only have about 20 drafts, and my ISSS has is the best ISSS in existence!!

  6. These may be better left in the recycle bin, bud. I think you’ll have a lot of new material to work with in the coming months anyway.

  7. The draft was completely blank. Don’t remember if this was intentional.

    Well played.

    I don’t think the mnemosyne post would have worked if it was gonna rely on lesbians, since the anime kinda prominently features lesbians.

    I see all these “not worth an entire post” rejections though, and I realize the whole truth… Twitter has claimed another blogger! OMGHARAHARAUTHORETC

  8. “Title: How to be a cheesy Japaense idol in five easy steps.”

    Man, I’d really want to be a cheesy Japaense idol in five easy steps, but I think it’d be too paenful.

    P.S. Great job trimming the blogroll! One person actually visited my blog from your site today! That means that in a year I’ll have a whole 365 more visitors than I had last year!! Simply wunderbar

  9. While individual reviews of these would be great, I hope you do write something that recommends some good Slice of Life shows (I’m always on the look out for these). Also, looking forward to your Utena review, at some point.

    • Indeed, at some point. Last time I put it off because I wanted to watch Rose of Versailles first. Now I want to watch the movie first.

      Slice of Life posts probably won’t happen for a while. Coming back to anime after so long has whetted my appetite for plot.

  10. I like the subtle backhand where you call Scamp “ultra-gimmicky”.

    A lot of people complained that the second season was nothing like the first one. Except it was, in every way.

    Absolutely. It was like people needed to get to the second season to realize the show sucked. But it sucked just as hard during the first season too.

    • Even I can’t resist going meta when Scamp is involved~

      A lot of people seemed to think Nogizaka Haruka was about otaku instead of cockblocking and sexual double entendres. Why they couldn’t figure it out after one season, I have no idea.

  11. i still want to know your top 10 comedy anime. You don’t have to write a post about it. Just give it to me through twitter or just comment randomly on my blog. Or you could ignore this T__T

    Red pineapple… Renji is fucked.

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