49 Replies to “Talk-A-Raptor 8B: The Third Biennial Review”

  1. Hoh, that was interesting to see that for some reason. I guess, it is because it’s kind of neat to see a bit of how people operate behind the scenes or something.

    I didn’t actually notice most of those changes. I don’t know if it’s because I am blind like the raptor in your header, or because you did such a nice subtle job of integrating stuff. I will note that I did notice the “You may use” line in the comments”.

    Good job on the whole give feedback to Red Bracket people thing! I am sure they found it useful.
    Oh and nice Red uhh musical thing.

  2. I can’t wait to see the ” x is the worst blog ever” post for the three blogs in your competition like you did in the previous tourney. They were entertaining.

  3. Black line at the bottom is nice. Also, good thinking on excluding categories from your push feed. I’ve been using the ACE plugin for hiding/manipulating content channels, and I like it.

  4. You know, the changes you make are so subtle that I’ve never really noticed them, but now that I think about the layout’s changed a lot.

    Can’t wait to smash through the Yellow Bracket. Already got my smack talk planned. I wasn’t going to do smack talk at first, but let’s be honest, it’s me.

    • You didn’t notice the new link to Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis?!

      I considered not doing any smack talk posts, but after seeing everyone fighting so hard in the early brackets, I realized I owe it to them to properly respond to their feelings.

  5. Congrats on six years, that’s quite the impressive milestone! I like the subtle changes to the layout & good luck in crushing all opponents in the Red Bracket!

  6. You can play an instrument… but can you play jazz!?

    (I like how I jump on the bandwagon for appreciating things just because the current season has a show that happens to be themed around it… Thanks Sakamichi no Apollon, for showing me that I’m a Bandwagonist…)

  7. Woah, six years, Baka-san?! Or perhaps that should be, Baka-Ojiisan…

    I still can’t believe you joined twitter. Regarding those random short messages and quick notes that you don’t want to turn into posts, you might want to(?) save these somewhere else too, as I think twitter deletes one’s tweets after a certain number of days (unless you ‘favourite’ them).

    And not only do you play the drums, but the trumpet as well?! You should find another instrument that you can play at the same time, then you could be a one man band…

    • Six years in and I have yet to reveal all my hidden talents. I don’t believe I’ve posted any of my singing yet…

      I’ve activated some Twitter app that’s supposed to backup tweets. Then I activated another one just in case. My tweets are just too precious not to have redundant backups.

  8. In other word, I love you…. too. LOL

    Well, adding the gravatar made it easier to navigate and see who has been commenting. Now I have to go and check if I’m in that blogroll…

    • I looked back at my old code, turns out I didn’t add gravatars so much as I undeleted them. I didn’t have a gravatar back then so I didn’t see the point. Nowadays I still don’t see the point but I see them all over the place so I do it anyway.

  9. I foundthe part were you were talking about how you changed around the spacing of your website to be incredibly interesting.

    And by interesting I mean boring.

    On the other hand, I’m going and vote for you in the aniblog thing just because of the trumpet playing thing you did. So a win overall for you!

    • It wasn’t about the spacing. I felt like showing off the arrow shape tool in Windows 7 Paint.

      Correct that it is a trumpet, but you must identify the particular kind of trumpet for the full 10 points.

  10. You can’t sing, man. That’s my thing.

    By the way, there’s a shitty KyoAni show this season. I believe you’re required to watch it under the “giri” category.

  11. Is it a pocket trumpet? Possibly made by Merano?

    Also I know where you went to college and went to the same place (I have been stalking your blog for a long time), did you happen to wear a kilt and play trumpet?

    • You didn’t say it was a B♭ pocket trumpet, but at this point your answer is as close to a 10-point winner as I’m going to get.

      I didn’t do the kilty thing, but if you’ve been stalking me long enough, you’ll know who I’m talking about when I say MF did it.

  12. I noticed the Xxx Holic Shunmuki OP somewhere in the beginning. I don’t know why I’m mentioning it or why I even noticed it. . .

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