I Am Not an Asshole

A certain asshole recently recommended a +++ manga to me. Normally this would earn the recommender a parade in the streets with rose petals and blowjobs. What taints this asshole’s otherwise glorious recommendation is that the manga runs monthly and appears to be in the middle of its climactic arc. Only an asshole would make a +++ recommendation with ~~~ timing. It’s like driving 100 mph into a brick wall. Either keep your mouth shut until it’s over or recommend the manga before it hits full throttle.

You may be wondering which manga this is. Too bad. I am not an asshole. You won’t be getting anything out of me.

The manga begins with the main character traveling to a new land. He gets caught up in a fight between the good guys and a bunch of introductory filler bad guys. The good guys win and the main character joins them. They get into more battles against tougher opponents. Some, all, or none of the good guys may or may not die.

The manga really gets going with the introduction of the hottest manga character ever. She may be a pedophile, but I may or may not care. She starts doing awesome shit and fucks everyone up. More characters may or may not die. Third parties lurk in the shadows waiting to make their move. A prolonged showdown with simultaneous subplots occurs between the good guys and the bad guys. This is when the aforementioned asshole recommends the manga to me.

Full disclosure should be safe in about two years. I expect to be alive. You can wait.

(Spoiler comments will be censored.)

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  1. Dang, I think I might know what manga this is. I wouldn’t have guessed you would read it though, Baka Raptor. But maybe I’m wrong? It really is a fantastic series.

    • Assuming you’re thinking of something completely different, you’re a noble human being for holding off on the recommendation thus far, and I expect a full review the very moment your series is over.

  2. What the fuck? telling us about this great manga and NOT sharing it’s name!? fuck you asshole.

  3. This post pisses me off. If the asshole who recommended this manga is out there. Can you recommend it to me please? This badass female character sounds too awesome to miss. I’m not gonna read the manga, but I do want to put it into my que to read a few months or years down the line and if I don’t do it now I never will. Too bad this asshole guy over here is bitchin like a bitch and won’t reveal.

      • Says the guy who openly recommended the _ongoing_ Titan manga to lots and lots of people.

        BUT! I am a good, upstanding guy and in order to make up for my atrocious crime, I might as well recommend you another manga – Terra Formars, that is. It’s pure Baka-Raptorâ„¢ material. No lolis, no silly fanservice, no badly-written pussy melodrama but sideburns, actual women (who can kick asses) and actual men (who can kick asses too!) as well as a highly engaging plot that makes people actually die if they are killed and they tend to do that a lot. It’s one of those ruthless survival of the fittest stories – something I’m fairly sure a dinosaur can relate to. Anyone can die, everyone will. In that respect, it’s basically just like Gantz or Titan (with the difference that it’s not about adults and not teenagers) or perhaps even like the very thing that had been keeping you on the edge of your seat until you ran out of chapters which makes it a fitting substitute while you’re still waiting for the next chapter of your +++ manga and can thus ease your pain. You dislike your current miserable state? This is your chance, man. Grab it. I know you can do it.

        Is it still ongoing? Sure! But it’s not being scanlated monthly like this one and it’s precisely the thing you’re in need of right now.

        On that note, there’s also an animated commercial for the manga to give you an idea what it’s like.

    • There are 30-something chapters out right now, and it appears to be at the mid-beginning of its final arc. I figure 24 more chapters should be enough to close it out.

  4. I’m sure that in two years you will forget and so will I so you indeed may or may not be an asshole but It’s hard to ignore the “She starts doing awesome shit and fucks everyone up” part and if she is a lesbian then you are without a doubt an asshole.

  5. My Dearest Baka-Raptor,

    I reaaaaaaally didn’t get the point here. Me too, I may or may not have read the aforementioned manga and (consequently) may or may not have watched the anime series. To be honest I was interested in the manga because of the anime, so I guess it may or may not follow the manga.

    • Tell you what, if this manga pulls a Shingeki no Kyojin and gets an anime before it’s over, I’ll spill the beans. That wouldn’t make me an asshole at all!

  6. I won’t begrudge you this bit of withholding…

    But don’t you dare die one year and eleven months from now.

  7. I believe I have located the manga by [censored by Baka-Raptor]. Had you [censored by Baka-Raptor], you would’ve been the biggest asshole I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with.

  8. At least give a tip about what it’s name is or where we can find the comment with the manga’s name.

  9. Found it. Nice manga indeed. Here are a few tips: 36 chapters; in mangafox the 36th was released on the 20th of may; every chapter’s name starts with the word “kill”. I may or may not be an asshole.

  10. Eh, this sounds like Needless, but with genders reversed. Anyways, if there’s not loli pantsu and no pretty girl feet, then I’m probably not interested, so thanks for the consideration, Baka-Raptor!

  11. It seems this manga is getting a big announcement when next chapter is out. It also has registered a .tv domain, probably is getting an anime adaptation… So, if that is true, they are assholes XD

  12. Ahh, ill be Kind, but, Are you serious? this Manga is Elegant and fun! would you Go re-read it again? i will even give All my 5 stars for this! i even Kept the tankobon version! It’s a definitely buy! Lol, but then i remembered youre baka-raptor. but really, you should give it at Least another try! please?

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