I’m an Asshole after all

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  1. Oh it that it?

    I remember watching the dozen or so chapters of it of a few years back and then stop watching. I don’t remember thinking that it was particularly good. I remember it much except that lots of people died and stuff, but no one really important. For that reason I’ve not really watched the anime.

  2. Welp… I better get reading. I had serious underestimated Akame, as it was one of the few series this season I had chosen not to read ahead of time before the show aired. Now I have some catching up to do.

    On another note, Tokyo ESP aired, and apparently it was directed by Michael ****ing Bay because they didn’t even TRY to introduce the story in the same manner. Now everyone will think this show is 100% serious, because the god damn animation studio couldn’t just leave it alone. Yes. Yes. we know Segawa Hajime did Ga-Rei. No. No this show has nothing to do with that. Go away. We don’t need some Government special agents shoe horned in. Leave that for the ADHD kids watching transformers. What saddens me is that people will watch this one episode and come away with so many terrible misunderstandings, like Ayumu being weak, the Government being competent, the Special Agent people having a real role in the story, and that Espers need random machinery to use their powers.

    Whatever. I’m dead. This first episode is just a bad LSD trip. I’ll wait till we start at the actual beginning rather than the Siege of the Diet.

    • “What saddens me is that people will watch this one episode and come away with so many terrible misunderstandings”
      Thankfully people can just watch more episodes and the misunderstanding will disappear.

      • To FRP’s point, I did a lot of looking around to fully assure myself this was not some side story/alternate universe to Ga-Rei. The first episode sets up a good amount of expectations for the rest of the show. I was told that this was a comedy manga that slowly built up the fighting we saw, Like how the Negima manga started off as a silly harem but then evolved into a shounen battle manga. If I see episode 1 of a show that plays one way and then episode 2 goes a different direction, it can be off-putting. Some may have liked the way it started and may drop it, and others may have dropped it because of how it started. Let’s take Akame ga Kill as another example. The show started off like some shounen jump stuff: “Hot shot kid on a journey to be the number 1 ______ (fill in the blank)”. It changed my expectations in the midst of the episode so now I leave with a sense of the show’s framework and flow. That’s my two cents anyway.

      • When ESP returns to its comedy roots (assuming it actually does), there are bound to be some very disappointed people. Even if the misunderstanding is corrected, you can’t “correct” an opinion, only stand by and hope that that opinion changes. And first impressions are very important for forming opinions. I’m not a “1 episode and drop” kind of viewer (barring extreme circumstances), but I imagine there are people who dropped the show after this, and there will also be a different set of people who will drop the show if it returns to being a comedy. It seems to be the worst of both worlds.

        Also, Walker made a good point, now there are even people who think this has something to do with Ga-Rei. I enjoyed Ga-Rei Zero, but here there is no relevance beyond a “Same Mangaka, Same Studio” situation.

      • It’s basically “(definitely not) Ga-rei Zero 2.0”. Pretty much the whole staff behind it is the same, and judging by the first episode it is going to be the same exact thing. If you liked that, pick it up. If you didn’t, don’t. One good thing I remember about it is that the insert songs opening and ending were really really good, especially the whole character image album. Again, judging by the first episode of Tokyo ESP, they kept that tradition, which is nice. Than again the fact that the only thing I remember standing out about GRZ is the the OST is not a very good sign…

  3. Well, I knew it, but didn´t say anything. I remembered your post when I saw the anime announcement.

    • You are not an asshole.

      Whoever decided to animate the manga while it’s still unfinished may or may not be.

  4. That post was like a year or so ago. I must say. The pay off was most definitely worth. Akame ga Kill will probably be underestimated because it has to share the stage with several good series, but from what I’ve seen, this is NOT the show to sleep on. Also, I’m sure you’re an asshole for several other reasons. One of which was your lack of updates until recently.

  5. Oh well I knew, really wasn’t a hard one to guess since I was reading it pretty much since it first got translated. Did you know the author is the same guy who wrote the Majikoi visual novels? Talk about “And now, for something completely different”…
    Anyway being in Japan must be nice, having an alternative to “borrowing” toilet-paper rolls from government offices, and more importantly discovering the inner strength to become an asshole. I had to to chop wood in the mountains for that.

  6. I don’t understand how that makes you an asshole :/ For all I know, you took the bullet for us and warned us about a good manga that if we have patience, we’ll end up enjoying it better than having weeks or months of painful hyped waiting. To this day I’m still waiting the post saying “now is a good moment to start reading the manga”. 😛

    Pssst, I know you are joking, just wanted to try a “counter” 😛

    • To this day I’m still waiting the post saying “now is a good moment to start reading the manga”. 😛

      It’s not out of the realm of possibility. ETA: 2 years

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