I’m Afraid I Just Blue Myself

This past weekend, I went to Anime Boston cosplaying as Aomine Daiki from Kuroko’s Basketball (+ through one season, ++ potential).

I figured this would be a good slacker cosplay. Cosplay jerseys are pretty cheap. I have a similar height, build, and skin tone to Aomine. For the final touch, I blue all over my hair.


The photoshoot originally took place in a corner of the convention center between a Dunkin’ Donuts and some kind of chapel, a cognitive dissonance between gluttony and judgmentalism I never knew existed outside Indiana. Eventually we took it to the streets.

This jersey was size XXL in China. Apparently my neck flab isn’t up to Chinese XXL standards, while my legs are of a length unseen since the third of the Five Chinese Brothers.

Unfortunately, this shoot was on the last day of the con. I blue so much on Friday and Saturday that I didn’t have enough left in the tank to get it all over my hair on Sunday.

True to anime, there were a bunch of random people popping up behind the bushes. I wonder if they knew we were cosplaying Kuroko’s Basketball. Based on my height relative to everyone else’s, we could’ve been mistaken for Attack on Titan.


Also true to the anime, Kuroko had a terrible shot. Even after I picked her up she still needed about five tries to get it in.

I’m still trying to get in touch with the rest of the photographers for the remaining pics, including the hilarious aftermath of the scene above. Since Kuroko was rubbing up against my head the whole time, I blue all over her jersey.

Mad ups

UPDATE: Here’s the line I would’ve quoted at the food court if anyone in my group had seen Kuroko’s Basketball.

Next stop: AnimeNEXT (New Jersey)

UPDATE: I’m Afraid I Just Blue Myself Again

(This is canon)

Nine-foot rim? Hell yeah.

Pics will be added as I track down photographers.

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