Talk-A-Raptor -4

  • Kuroko’s Basketball – 0:07
  • Shingeki no Kyojin – 0:37
  • Laputa: Castle in the Sky – 1:33
  • Death Billiards – 1:55
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – 2:24
  • Berserk Movies II & III – 3:09
  • Robotics;Notes – 3:43
  • Chihayafuru 2 – 4:47
  • Hunter x Hunter – 5:28
  • Moyashimon Returns – 5:53
  • Extras – 6:37

Just like two years ago, there was no update for the month of July because I was too busy saving the world.

If you wish to suck up to me at Otakon next week, apply now or hold your silence for another five years.

6 Replies to “Talk-A-Raptor -4”

  1. Shitty fights? muh Jojo? get out, to me they were over-the-top and downright hilarious at times. Sure they weren’t well animated but that’s as far as I’d go. As for Chihayafuru 2, your description of it sounds more like how I’d describe Kaiji, which I was watching at the same time, it didn’t compare well, but it’s a good show, I just don’t quite share your enthusiasm. Attack on Titan disappoints me somewhat with the fact that it to me is a Seinen series with some shounen trappings. I also don’t care for the main character, and all the shouting grates on me after a while, and there’s also the pacing you addressed.

    • A complete list of good fights in Jojo:

      – Jojo II vs. Straits: Round 1 [best fight of the show by far]
      – Caeser vs. Wham: Round 2
      – Jojo II vs. Wham: Round 2

      That is all.

      I marathoned both seasons of Kaiji. No complaints about the pacing of the first 1.3 seasons. The final arc of the second season lagged a lot but was still engaging.

      I’m not crazy about Eren’s personality either. He has his share of failures though, so at least his being a hotheaded idealist isn’t without consequence.

      • that’s not a bad list of fights mine would look a bit similar tbh.

        To be fair to Attack on Titan, Armin is growing on me a little, it’s nice to see he reatins the failing of being cowardly while being man enough to join the survey corps. I was worried that his initial experiences would harden him into a Gary Stu badass, but that hasn’t happened.

        Actually haven’t finished Kaiji yet, not too sure if I want to see S2, since I heard that goes way nutso with dragging shit out.

  2. As I sat in my darkened basement, watching my way through 10 or so episodes of Shingeki no Kyojin. I thought to myself, “I this would be perfect if it were paced a little faster.” Characters love to think to themselves repetitively a LOT.

    Moyashimon was awesome.

    Death Billiards sounds awesome, but I don’t really watch much anime anymore.

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