18 Replies to “Talk-A-Raptor 15: Something Something Eight Years”

  1. O boy, that means I need to start checking this glorious site more often. (More videos will be a great plus)

  2. I love everything about these videos. More baka raptor, be it vids, posts, what have you, are always welcome. Yay! 8 days free comments! On a completely unrelated note, the other day on my netflix instant queue City Hunter: K-Drama edition came up, and my wife was like, “what is this?” I said that “I heard it was cool” and that we should watch it (I heard about it from your post). I don’t know about the anime or manga, but the K-drama was so intense I was clutching my dog for moral and mental support after half of the first episode.

    • Hey, good to hear from you!

      Haven’t seen the K-Drama yet, though I plan to in the near future (you’ll see why in a little while). The anime, manga, and Jackie Chan movie are all action-comedies. It’s sequel/spinoff, Angel Heart, is still an action-comedy but much heavier on the feel-good side. My understanding is that the K-Drama has a much darker tone than any of these, which would be a really intriguing take to see.

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