March 2021: Cheapness

If you’re looking to punch your ticket to Japan and don’t mind being poor, you may want to consider working for Interac. For all their faults, they’re still a million times better than AEON.

My first Aria post in 13 years coincidentally ended up with the same title as the last one. It’s only sensible, since Aria the Crepuscolo finally gives Athena the attention she deserves.

With friends like Satoko, who needs enemies? Higurashi does not take this question rhetorically.

I’m amused by the mental gymnastics justifying Sesshomaru’s taste in women. My own theory to retcon any hint of pedophilia is that Rin must’ve swiped a fake ID from the Ashikaga Shogunate.

This month in Crystalis, I give you all the investment advice you’ll ever need. Basically, don’t be too cheap, buy index funds, and never trust anyone with an economics degree (except me).

In a take that’s been described as both “based” and “atomic”, I boldly assert that The Promised Neverland Season 2 probably isn’t much worse than the manga (which I haven’t read and probably never will).

Oh, by the way, this month marks the 15th anniversary of my website, not that odd-year anniversaries have ever mattered around here. We’re just halfway to the next biennial review.

3 Replies to “March 2021: Cheapness”

  1. Happy 15th Anniversary! I’m impressed with diligence to regular posting after all this time

      • Had a high optempo the last few tours so haven’t had much time for hobbys. But I do like to read what you’re putting out every now and then. I’m always impressed!

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