Hunter x Hunter 335: Why?

Spoiler warning: In certain rare instances, it may honestly be more exciting to get spoiled by a blog post than to read the manga itself.

To call this scene/chapter/arc anticlimactic would be an understatement. Merely seeing Ging’s unobscured face early in the arc was enough of a letdown. Then we find out he has at least 11 peers at his approximate power level instead of being the supremely overpowered ultrahunter of mystery he was built up to be. I don’t like it, but I can forgive screwing up a character. I can’t forgive screwing up a plot.

Finding Ging was supposed to be Gon’s ultimate hunt. After the way Gon got deliciously trolled by Greed Island, how are we supposed to accept that Gon finds Ging:

  • accidentally
  • a mere two arcs later
  • right after he’s released from the hospital
  • in an auditorium
  • where Ging was stuck voting

This is stupid. I keep waiting for the part where Gon wakes up in his hospital bed and discovers it was all a dream. Because that would be more climactic.