Aria the Origination 08 from Athena’s POV

I love Alice, but Baka-Raptor was right – that stuck-up little princess needs to show me some respect. Alice knew I was exhausted last night, but that didn’t stop her from yelling at me.

That’s what I hate about having roommates: they’re always trying to keep me awake.

Despite the continued harassment, I was kind enough to treat Alice to a picnic. How does she show her appreciation? By walking out on me! That’s it – I’m taking a nap. (Add the “epic banana peel slip” and broken glass for cliché theatrics)

Still trying to wake me up? You’re dead to me!

HAHAHAHA, what’s the matter?! Can’t do shit without your Athena-senpai holding your hand? Let’s see how much fun I can have with this…

How’s that Alice? I remembered the fatass dog’s name but not yours! Feel like apologizing yet? Why don’t you start by paying for my lunch?

Is picking my favorite drink a matter of instinct or conscious thought? If I pick the wrong one, will she think I’m faking it? Then again, if I pick the right one, she might realize that I haven’t actually lost my memory. But you don’t have to be Kira to want to win a tennis match.

Why, the best one for beating you.

I’ve remembered everything but you Alice. That’s gotta hurt. Learned your lesson yet? Want the old Athena back? Show me you mean it!

Yes! More! More!

No, don’t get in my way! GAH, too late. Whatever, I made my point. Now Alice will start respecting me, and we can all live happily ever after.

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  1. I’ve watched nearly the whole Aria the Animation. Never got around to watching the Natural and (eventually) the Origination. The anime kicks ass, true, but maybe slice-of-life just isn’t my type of anime – after all, I prefer things like Ghost in the Shell… However, now that we have easter holidays here in Norway, I just may consider watching it.

    Also, Baka-Raptor, nice job writing an article from an anime character’s POV.

  2. Slice-of-life is definitely an acquired taste. I didn’t care for the genre until I watched Touch 3-4 years ago, and since then, although I’ve enjoyed watching several slice-of-life shows, there are only a few that I’d strongly recommend.

    Enjoying slice-of-life anime is all about finding a character you like. If you can’t find one, you’ll probably be bored. I’m a huge Alice/Athena fan. The rest of the cast isn’t bad, but for me, Alice and Athena push the Aria franchise from the + to the ++ range. I decided to write this page from Athena’s POV because she doesn’t get enough respect:

    1. She’s not clumsy, she’s just lazy (she even admits it in this episode).
    2. She gets by far the least screen time of the 6 undines.
    3. Fans often treat her like a one-dimensional character. I think she’s the most complex.

    Long story short, Athena rules, and I’d marry her. She shares my fondness for slacking and pizza:

    Plus she has a job. Nothing turns me on like financial stability.

  3. By the way, I noticed that the drawing style changed a bit compared to the Animation. Is this true for Natural as well? I kinda liked the original one better – that mainly concerns eyes.

  4. I’m in natural at the moment, found this in your earlier review “aria is like taking a nap” and it inspired me to watch it. I also totally love the backround music, one of the best I’ve heard in slice of life animes.. I also keep the songs in my mp3 player, relaxes me when taking exams and in classes.

    The only annoyance is the “puhi puhi” by president aria. But Maa is just win^^

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