41 Replies to “Another 100 Reasons to Vote for Baka-Raptor”

  1. […] Baka-Raptor updates as constantly as the undying ghost of Stalin stirs about in his coffin. Even though he describes the wait for a new post as ‘suspense’, I would describe it more as a wait for a corpse to decompose rather than a sense of anticipation and suspense, which would also describe most of the content on his blog. It’s either filler, shallow posts, shit, or some combination of the above 3. Just look at this shit and the post he wrote for taking a shit on the other blogs. And yet another post written in an attempt to glorify himself. […]

  2. Oh God, that image of Spot riding a train. You made me remember something wonderful from my childhood!

    And yes, that is a pretty amazing collection of images and an even better reason to vote for you. Hope you can generate some votes out of this.

  3. I feel like there was an epic joke I didn’t get….but either way I guess I’ll vote. Next year I’ll enter if the world doesn’t blow up…haha like it will.

  4. Don’t worry, I voted for you… but quite amazed that you came through and won by two votes.

    Anyways, look forward for the smackdown posts you might have in the 4th round.

  5. I’m sad. I tried to vote, but the polls were closed. And the “I-wish-my-penis-was-my-hand” thing is incredibly awesome. Along with the Golgo 13 garter-belt. Golgo 13 is the best anime I’ve seen. Can there be anything better?

    • That’s what you get for not checking my site every day. I believe you’re the only one who made this mistake.

      Golden Boy alphabetically close enough to Golgo 13 to suggest they’re they exact same thing and thus should be watched by all.

      • Hey Baka-Raptor, I’ve been reading Shingeki no Kyojin since you first wrote about it, but I hate waiting for new chapters. What are your favourite completed manga?

        • As a masochist, I almost exclusively read interminable shounen manga. Of the very few manga I’ve completed that don’t have a corresponding anime, my favorite is probably Onani Master Kurosawa. Bokurano is another great one. It has an anime that I liked but manga fans bitched endlessly about.

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