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No Receipt? No Return.

The day after Christmas is a magical time when people flock to stores to return all the crappy gifts they’ve received. Certain anime personalities would like to make returns as well… Lelouch: Hello, I’d like to return this stupid-looking hat. […]

Lelouch’s Last Lecture

Get over to OH and watch it. Notes: The video is based off Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture and Code Geass R2 It took approximately 8 hours to make (2AM-10AM) Windows Movie Maker crashed three times Lip-synching is a pain in […]

Code Geass Explained

Code Geass is about a genius named Lelouch. Lelouch has a power called “Geass,” which allows him to control people. Sometimes Lelouch wears a disguise. Lelouch wants to create a world where he can live happily every after. But many […]