Talk-A-Raptor 6.5: The Most Interesting Anime Blogger in the World

Based off these commercials

Only one day remaining. Poll closes at 13:00 GMT on Sunday. Vote while you still can:

Need to know more about me? Check out my interview at Are-Are.

More on the competition.

More reasons to vote for me.

Update: The Aniblog Tourney is the Worst Tourney Ever

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69 people love sucking up to me

  1. j.valdez says:

    I don’t always eat pizza, but…I’ve been known to have a dos equis every now and again

  2. I would love to vote for you, but you just cynicise everything, and your black background pisses me off.

  3. Is this your secret weapon, Baka-Raptor ?

  4. Applehat says:

    Your poll needs moe-raptor as an option.

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      Raptorko is plenty moe

      • Applehat says:

        Continued reading, turns out that your material is pretty good after the XXX’s blog is the worst blog ever.
        Pretty ironic that the posts that were supposed to make my vote for you resulted in me to blog against you. D=
        And you should look after your eyes.

  5. Robert Weizer says:

    man I voted for you, I’d do it again and again but I don’t know how to work ELEVEN PROXIES AND SPICES (and that’s unethical anyways, I respect you enough to not proxyvote)

  6. mefloraine says:

    I can’t decide if you posting three times or Sea Slugs compaigning so hard is more of a shock.

  7. Zwein says:

    Only twelve votes!
    You’re catching up on them!
    Go go go!

  8. Sorrow-kun says:

    You can juggle, drum AND spin a disc on your finger? And there are people who still can’t find a reason to vote for you? Unbelievable!

  9. kluxorious says:

    I have voted on my family pc. Now you are 11 votes ahead of the sea slug 🙂

  10. Theowne says:

    Woah, you’re in the lead again. Come on…squash those slugs.

  11. chikorita157 says:

    If you win, we should have a celebration. 🙂

  12. Shin says:

    Nice sideburns, bro.

  13. If my family hasn’t shilled for you enough, I will shill for you in meatspace when I meet some anime bloggers later this afternoon. Then start working on those posts you owe me.

  14. OBALLER says:

    first of all, i voted for you a couple of times.

    second of all, that commercial was perfect, it had everything. well, except for a man eating his own head. but that would be tough to find.

  15. ~xxx says:

    I told you, strike them now.

    oh well, at least your getting close(should I say that?) to the point of closing…better take a chance now.

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      I’m reminded of the fable of the raptor and the slug. The raptor and the slug were in a race. The raptor got out to a lead and took a nap. When woke up, he was shocked to find out he lost.

      If I wanted to win, I shouldn’t have gone to sleep with the lead at 2AM.

  16. Linnie says:

    Do you at least get free pizza for advertising? You’d deserve it.

  17. Hana says:

    He can juggle, play drums, spin a BOOK on one finger and HAS MANLY SIDEBURNS – last minute voters, what are you waiting for?!

  18. lothen says:

    A sad day for Indians. Even the most awesome of us all could not bring success.

  19. You lose Raptor, As you said earlier, Sea Slugs Worst Anime Blog Ever had a hard time campaigning in the whole blogosphere to beat you up, probably those guys didn’t even sleep for the last couple of days, asking every single child in the one laptop for child project ( to vote for them.

    I did what i could, but guess that wasn’t enough compared to the despair those guys had to win this round =(

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      It’s my fault for underestimating them. I never thought the match would reach 400, let alone 600. They were only around 250 in their previous matches.

      In any case, this was a de facto semi-final. Any future match by either me or them would be a blowout. This isn’t a bad place to go down.

  20. Theowne says:

    It was a good run, but you had a six-man blog and one unrelated douche (novajinx) campaigning against you. Let’s say you’ve squashed those slugs in spirit.

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      Comment #6000!

      I’m more than happy with the results. My 581 vote total is the second highest 5-day total so far. It’ll probably remain in the top 5 by the end.

      Novajinx’s blog is memetic circle-jerk trash. I’d be shocked if he drove in more than 10 votes.

  21. Yi says:

    Is the pizza really that good?

  22. kluxorious says:

    You lost. goddamnfuckers.

    That’s it. I’m washing my hands clean from this stinking shit.

  23. Scamp says:

    Hey look, you’re finally out of the tourney.


  24. May I ask which hair product you use for your hair? If that’s just bed-head, then I must know the bed you sleep on! I MUST HAVE THAT BED!!!

    Well Banana-Republic, it was a good run… BUT SLUGS ARE FASTER!!! *ba dum PSH*

    Also, not to stroke your invisible e-phallus, but you’re pretty cute :3 x159

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      I have an evil bed with an ancient curse. It’s the pillow that does my hair. It also has neck support.

      Slugs aren’t faster. They just don’t sleep.

      Now that I know what you consider cute, I’m a lot less shocked that you like K-ON.

      • Less shocked… then this means… *thinks about it for a while* there was a time period when you were more shocked that I liked K-ON!! Since you were more shocked, there must be a reason why you were more shocked, because if I were, say, a girl, you would be less shocked because most girls like this type of anime (/sexist). This can only mean that there was a time period when you thought I was really cool, because you wouldn’t be shocked if a lame person liked K-ON!! Your sentence implies that there is some quality about myself that you really appreciate, but since I do in fact like K-ON, you were surprised and are confused on how to perceive me! I’ll take this as a compliment!

        Also, I told you that I LOVE/FUCK K-ON, and that means I’LL FUCK YOU TOO!!! YO!! I DON’T THINK BAKA HAD ENOUGH OF MAH PHAT RHYMES, LAY ME DAT BEAT WHITE BOY!!! *era-era*



        Kabitzin: Please stop that. It’s really embarrassing

        *cricket cricket*… yeaaah! You’re lucky Kabitzin’s holding me back, ’cause if he weren’t, your ears would be the least of your worries! Yo! Let’s be friends and you can pass me some curry! (okay, really, I’ll stop now…)

  25. digital boy says:

    That was one sexy commercial.

    Damn you for losing and denying me my epic final battle! I don’t know Sea slugs nor Psgels well enough to have an epic final battle against them! (since you know it’s one of them).

    Anyway calling it a ‘de facto final battle’ kind of betrays the purpose of formatting the tournament this way, I would think.

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      Relax, I only called it a de facto semi-final. And it’s true, unless you can point to someone other than psgels who can put up 600 votes.

      I was going to put that Talk-A-Raptor special in the attack post, but I didn’t think I’d need it. Seriously, how did Kabitzin pull 600 votes out of his ass? Did he glue them all there?

  26. Robert Weizer says:

    At least you didn’t lose to a snail:
    1- slug is so much light than snail who have shell to copy slug technology.
    2- the snail use the shell because is a f***ing faget
    3- snail got crush so easy, and you can give the slug to ur dog chew and it ll still eat lettuce
    4- shell is MORE heavy than a no shell
    5- some slug have internal shell because more evolved
    6- your cousin will not want to stay on your house to play slug
    7- if you trow the slug on the wall, the wall will go up
    8- trow both on the water and watch which will come up first
    9- slug at mate will make a cord. snail will show the dribble
    10- all snigel are hermarphodite. snail is too but because it is faget
    11-slug means the name of a bullet. snail means it is slow
    12- slug will eat carrion; dont give a f***
    13- slug didn’t needed an upgrade. slug is perfect

  27. Praz says:

    This could very well be the first time the world has seen you with facial hair…

  28. A Concerned child says:

    How could you lose! O_O my hope for the internet has shattered …not that there was much hope to begin with..

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