Anime Seasons: Who Cares?

You do not live in Japan.

A new season of anime means new anime airs on TV in Japan, which is a country you do not live in, unless you’re a disillusioned expatriate who has yet to learn that watching anime all day makes you a loser no matter where you are in the world. You do not have access to a Japanese TV service provider. You aren’t forced to watch whatever they decide to air that season. You access anime through the internet. You just go to a website and click on whatever show from whatever season you want.

You have no idea what’s going to be subbed.

Check out a typical season preview chart. You’ll see about 25 shows. How many will get subbed quickly? How many will get subbed with reasonable quality? How many will get subbed to completion? How many will get subbed at all? I’ve been burned too many times. As far as I’m concerned, if an anime isn’t subbed, it doesn’t exist.

You have no idea what’s going to be good.

Adaptations get butchered, original works are a shot in the dark, and picking shows based primarily on their animation studios is stupid enough to warrant its own post (forthcoming). You’re no worse off picking shows based on their titles. Rather than pick a show and hope it’ll be good, why not let prior viewers be your guinea pigs?

Waiting sucks.

I’ve tested this theory under a variety of circumstances. For example, one time this girl asked me if I could come to her birthday party. I told her I could probably make it, but I ended up staying home to watch preseason football. The theory of “waiting sucks” must’ve held firm, seeing as how she hasn’t spoken to me since.

Why wait a week for a new episode when you could watch every single episode of a series consecutively? People who say waiting is a good thing have no discipline. Waiting isn’t satisfying, rewarding, exciting, frustrating, or anything like that. Waiting is nothing more or less than time spent not watching anime. What’s the point?

You haven’t even come close to watching everything better.

Have you watched Touch yet? Why haven’t you watched Touch yet? Fuck you. While you’re at it, watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes, especially since Maddox just wrote the same post I wrote three years ago. Now the circle of life is complete, and I can begin penning my memoir.

Newer isn’t better.

It’s not like there’s some radical advance in animation or storytelling that makes newer anime inherently superior. Anime from 2010 has little to offer that anime from 2005 couldn’t, unless you’re into some crappy fad like moĆ©, in which case I’m surprised you had the attention span to make it this far into my post.

Talking about crappy shows doesn’t make them suck less.

Some people watch all the new shows just so they can talk about them. This is how they end up watching anime like Chu-Bra, the show everybody talked about for three months and nobody heard about ever again. Or Basquash. Or Kampfer. You get the picture.

Some of these guys blog about all the new shows because they think it’ll make them popular. It’s kind of sad how much crappy anime they’re willing to watch just so they’ll have someone to talk to. I hate talking to people and still get more comments than them. No wonder they all quit blogging and joined Twitter.