Censored Comments: Round 1

It’s no secret that I censor comments. People who claim they’ll never censor comments under any circumstances are liars. At least I had the decency to warn you from Day 1. However, it’s occurred to me that none of my readers would have any idea what kinds of comments I’d censor unless they actually wrote one. Thus, I have decided to reveal to you a bunch of censored comments I’ve collected over the past year:

“What a dumb shit..”

“You are retarded! Your points reflect your lack of intelligence. Period.”


“-_- you are a racist, and where are the american people?(gringos) Dont speak like if you know those people
es estupido >:(“

“Suck dick. Batty man”

“STFU Nigger. Kyonko is a chick, and you wanna know why? Because she’s not real, therefore, she can be whatever the fuck we make her to be. So eat my dick, nigger. Fucking faggot, go climb a wall of dicks.”

“This Blog Is Fail. Nothing To See Here, Move Along.”

“Go troll elsewhere, faggot!”

“What a shit blog. Let me fuck your ash trays when you’re finished you filthy cocksucker.”

“Love how you have to moderate your comments. The true sign of a man who lacks genital augmentation.”

“this post is too large everything you set out to do fails miserably. // how to fail at life”

“You LOSE you Al-Qaeda fuck! Now I’m reporting you to the FBI. Prepare to be deported to Guantanamo Bay you ugly fuck!”

“Oh yeah, you link to maddox. Maddox is a fucking hero. You’re a nobody. Kill yourself. I guess you don’t know anything about maddox. HE FUCKING HATES ARABS! He hates all foreign culture. What I’m getting at is: he hates you, he hates anime, and he would only be happy if you killed yourself.”


“Ur website looks horrid. What is that brown? Looks like same color as my shit. What’s with your fan art? I don’t want to burst ur bubble but I think their trolling you. Or maybe ur proud of having art with you fapping to gay pr0n?
In conclusion, clean ur shit up.”

Now for the real fun: try to guess which posts these comments were intended for. Answers go up in one week.

Finally, since I forgot to hold five days of free comments on my fifth year anniversary post, you’ll get five days of free comments now.

UPDATE: Screw you all. I was waiting patiently these past two weeks for comment #7777 to come up. This is what I got:

If U don’t Like One Piece, why do u fucking care about it then? I don’t care About Naruto, because I fuckin hate it! Even thought Luffy and the others can be stupid sometimes, I still love this show, it’s a part of my childhood (yeah, I started to watch One Piece Early..) And I can also say that the One Piece Manga is a year older than me, not many.. AND I’M SOON thirteen, think about that! the Naruto manga was drawed in 1997, BUT NOT MADE before 1998 or 1999.. But anyways; Naruto suck balls, it’s about a fuckin blone guy who has a ugly bestfriend and a pink freaking fangirl!! (and many others..) AND THE DRAWING SUCKS MORE THAN THE PLOT. The Manga is better, but it still suck.

Why OP is awesome;
-They are NOT overpowered like Naruto and Dragonball(Not that I hate DB) (even sometimes they are awesome overpowered..)
-The Plot has a meaning, and they are setting sail for the goal… (In Naruto they give up and start, and give up.. -.-)
-The drawings are really amazing, Oda-sensei did a good job on that one..
-Luffy are a awesome Main person, MUCH better than Naruto.

Ownage :333333

From; Me and My brother

My spam comment count is currently at 106,637. Majority wins.

UPDATE #2: The next comment I get after that:

Ahem…. India sucks? Really? I agree with the whole “Opal Mehta books suck” theory, but IMO, my country DOESN’T suck. There are many awesome writers in India, and the food is amazing, and our culture is amazing, and our Sanskar are great, and Bollywood movies ROCK, and ethnic wear is awesome too!! Maybe you’d like India if you actually lived here, instead of America where of course, people generalise Indians. It’s the same way people generalise Muslims, actually. Muslims aren’t bad people. Neither are Hindus, neither are Christians. It depends on an individual, and not the whole religion. Don’t you agree? And I’m sure u must have an Indian pal or something who u DON’T hate. Right?

PS: Don’t give me a wave of the F word now, that’ll just show that u don’t have enough brains to explain yourself.