The Useless Character Hall of Shame: Hazuki Oikawa (Moyashimon)

Everyone else knows something about microbes. Everyone else knows about Sawaki’s secret power. Oikawa knows nothing about anything. She’s out of place in every single scene that has anything to do with microbes, not to mention all the other scenes she screws up because she’s an annoying bitch.

Stupid cow

Her only reasons for existence are showing us how Sawaki interacts with people unaware of his power, snitching about underage drinking, railing against homosexuality, and being Sawaki’s potential yet implausible love interest in the minds of viewers for the sole reason that there’s no competition in their age group. The show would’ve been better off leaving Oikawa as the the skate fish.

Sure, almost every Moyashimon character sees their stock fall after get overhyped through a gimmicky introduction, but they’re all eventually able to stand on their own two feet as solid characters. Except Oikawa.

Word on the Street:

On the Bright Side:

She wasn’t always a homophobe.

Overall Uselessness Rating:

Hindrance 7/10
Filler 8/10
Talentlessness 7/10
Failure 4/10
Disappointment 7/10
TOTAL 33/50

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  1. Digital Boy says:

    In the tags, I at first read “moyashimon” as “motorcycles,” obviously determined to read “lesbians, motorcycles.”

  2. feal87 says:

    Oh you just remembered me the crossdressing guy by mentioning Moyashimon.
    I’m gonna have nightmares now…:|

  3. Shinmaru says:

    Yeah, I never really liked her, either. On the bright side, her rampant homphobia led to Haruka jamming her tongue down Oikawa’s throat.

  4. kluxorious says:

    Thanks for the post. This will help other people understand why I don’t like her from the very beginning. Useless character is useless

  5. jcpenguin says:

    Pretty much any tsundere. -__-

  6. Hana says:

    In other words, you disliked her so that we won’t have to? Cool – thank you, Baka-san! Life’s too short for shit anime, after all!

    (Also, I’m guessing that the person second from right in the second pic down wasn’t fine with beer either, eh…)

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      Only the character is shitty. The show is so good that it’s pretty good with a no-good character.

      Good eyes. You could tell that was a “person” instead of a parade balloon. Few anime are more worthy of the “shows with beautiful women and ugly men” tag.

  7. hikaru says:

    I think Oikawa and Sawada would make a pretty cute couple….or would Sawada and crossdresser!Yuki be better? XD

    Oikawa also unintentionally kills off those valuable worm/centipede/things. Oh wait, I’m just further supporting your point =D

  8. Yi says:

    “We two are underage…”
    What an effing party pooper.

  9. wtfbbq says:

    Your site has gone downhill! Where are the golden days of even more golden posts such as the Fanservice Bingo?!

    Just kidding. Partially. I do enjoy that “Filler” is one of the criteria in your uselessness rating scheme.

  10. Shiro, Long Tail's says:

    BakaRaptor finally watched Moyashimon? Most excellent. Now how about an objective analysis on the merits of leather clad dames explaining bacteria.

  11. ~xxx says:

    No young age people tells that they’re underage this time…
    Even 14 year old drink beer.

    • Baka-Raptor says:

      You can be old enough to fight in the military, have sex, and sign any legally binding contract (all at the same time!), but you can’t drink. Politicians need a good ass kicking.

  12. Epi says:

    Yeah she’s kind of useless I agree but the show would have been worse without a ‘normal’ person to interact with as you say, so she fills a role within the show.

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