I Am Not an Asshole

A certain asshole recently recommended a +++ manga to me. Normally this would earn the recommender a parade in the streets with rose petals and blowjobs. What taints this asshole’s otherwise glorious recommendation is that the manga runs monthly and appears to be in the middle of its climactic arc. Only an asshole would make a +++ recommendation with ~~~ timing. It’s like driving 100 mph into a brick wall. Either keep your mouth shut until it’s over or recommend the manga before it hits full throttle.

You may be wondering which manga this is. Too bad. I am not an asshole. You won’t be getting anything out of me.

The manga begins with the main character traveling to a new land. He gets caught up in a fight between the good guys and a bunch of introductory filler bad guys. The good guys win and the main character joins them. They get into more battles against tougher opponents. Some, all, or none of the good guys may or may not die.

The manga really gets going with the introduction of the hottest manga character ever. She may be a pedophile, but I may or may not care. She starts doing awesome shit and fucks everyone up. More characters may or may not die. Third parties lurk in the shadows waiting to make their move. A prolonged showdown with simultaneous subplots occurs between the good guys and the bad guys. This is when the aforementioned asshole recommends the manga to me.

Full disclosure should be safe in about two years. I expect to be alive. You can wait.

(Spoiler comments will be censored.)