Why I tolerate Mizuki

Back when I was writing my midterm review of Mokke, I had no second thoughts about picking Mizuki as my favorite character. You may be wondering what possessed me to pick some little girl over the strict old man who beats her.

I was partially won over by Mizuki’s zombie impression.

Fuko fails

Mizuki is refreshing for one very simple reason: she acts like a kid. Few anime kids do. Half of them have sexual fantasies to gratify to moé/pedophile fan base. The other half don’t act like children; they act like infants. There’s one scene in Kanon 2006 where Ayu wants to look at something on her backpack. Instead of taking it off like anyone who isn’t brain dead, she tries to look at it by spinning around in circles, as if she’s chasing her own tail. That’s not what children do; that’s what dogs do, and even then, only the stupid ones. Am I suggesting that being attracted to Ayu makes you both a pedophile and a zoophile? Yes.

As if that’s not bad enough, some kids piss me off twice as much by playing dual roles as miniature adults and overgrown babies. They’ll spend most of the episode shitting all over the place, occasionally pausing to say something uncharacteristically deep and/or pretend they’re lesbians.

Mizuki acts her age 100% of the time. For example, she spends all of episode 14 playing with a stick.

Sticks make damn good toys. When I was little, I played with sticks all the time. I still do if I find a good one. Sticks are great for all kinds of things, such as fires, anime hijinks, and violence. I’m reminded of the 1850 case of Brown v. Kendall.

“Brown’s dog and Kendall’s dog were fighting. Kendall started beating the dogs with a stick to try to break up the fight. He hit Brown in the eye while raising the stick over his shoulder. Brown sued for assault and battery.”

He lost. Those were the good old days.




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  1. lol at Negi…XD

    …Admittedly, Negi does have reasons for not acting like a kid. (At least, for the parts of the manga and anime[s] that don’t involve [much or any] fanservice.) But it’s still funny.

    *is a [i]Negima![/i] fan, as you can probably tell*

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