Non-Psycho-Pass Shows that Need a Second Season

A few years ago, I listed a few Non-Haruhi shows that needed a second season. None of them got one. Haruhi did. It sucked.

Now I hear that Psycho-Pass is getting a second season. Nothing good can come of this. Nothing. Why not give some of these other shows a second season instead?

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru

Could the Umineko Visual Novel possibly be any longer? (That’s a rhetorical question; please don’t torture yourself looking into this.) An entire second season could be produced before I finish reading the Umineko VN. Hell, I could probably draw an entire flipbook animation for Umineko Chiru in the time it’ll take to finish reading the VN.

Gakuen Alice

Gakuen Alice is one of those shows you’d expect to suck because it’s about a little girl who’s always happy for some reason. Then you breathe a sigh of relief as she gets comically victimized by everyone around her. For example, her classmate always lights her on fire. Then she gets violated by an axe-wielding bear. I wish I remembered why.

The first season is nearly a decade old. With the manga still running, there should be plenty of material for a second season.


A poor man’s Legend of the Galactic Heroes is still better than a rich man’s generic yuri/harem/slice-of-life/incest sitcom. Besides, Tytania is excessively pornographic, covering everything from tentacle rape to prostitwins. That’s more territory than you’d think.

Need new material for a second season? No worries, the author just finished writing his first new Tytania novel in 22 years. He must’ve finally finished reading Umineko.


I swore I wouldn’t watch the first season until the second season came out. That was three years ago. Any day now…

Carnival Phantasm

Here’s a show that had no right to be good. Industry attempts to co-opt fan culture are often total disasters. Remember Nyoron Churuya-san? (Not that it was funny in the first place, but the animation took it to new levels of shittiness, ~~~.)

Carnival Phantasm hits all the right notes. It “gets” the fandom. It goes surprisingly easy on the crossovers. It doesn’t settle for “that’s the joke” jokes. It doesn’t explain its jokes or rely on screaming to deliver punchlines. Best of all, there’s still a whole bunch of Type-Moon characters they haven’t thrown in yet. Clearly there’s material for a second season.

Psycho-Pass II: Lesbo-Pass

On second thought, I wouldn’t mind a second season of Psycho-Pass if it honed in on the “character development”. (Did I criticize generic yuri anime earlier in this post? No? Good.)

Lesbo-Pass takes place in a dystopian police-state where video cameras are constantly monitoring society for lesbian activity. When someone’s lesbian coefficient skyrockets, a lethal lesbian SWAT team is unleashed to engage them. They use their dominators to dominate the burgeoning lesbians and lock them up for further surveillance.

37 Replies to “Non-Psycho-Pass Shows that Need a Second Season”

  1. How about shows that could use a third season? Such as Spice and Wolf?

    But if you want some shows I think you’re missing, and also aren’t in your previous post:

    Kannagi – an unusually fun haremish show. Half the material had been adapted into the first season, meaning we still have half to go. Also, gotta stick it to those who’re gonna cry after finding out Kannagi had a boyfriend in the past :<

    Maoyu – That show was good, and I’d like more of it. People are telling me to just go read the manga >.>

    Pumpkin Scissors – that shit was good, and they dropped us just as we finally got to see the big conspiracy unfold, what the fuck anime-land?

    Eve no Jikan – That stuff was amazing, you’d never know when a new episode would come out and it was always a good day when one did. I need more.

      • Kannagi isn’t great, but it’s fun, and the story isn’t concluded. Maoyu IS good, for various reasons.

        Pumpkin Scissors is an underappreciated and underwatched show.

        There are some other shows I love, but which don’t really need/fit another season, or I know another season will come at one point so don’t see a need to mention.

        And no, I don’t tend to troll :3

        • I watched Pumpkin Scissors. It was bad and for some reason that really annoyed me. At the same time it was unremarkable enough I don’t even remember why it was bad.

    • To write such a third-season post, I’d first need to be outraged about a show undeservedly getting a third season. Thing is, if I’m outraged at a third season, I was probably even more outraged that it got a second season. The motivation just wouldn’t be as strong.

      Kannagi was good. I’d watch a second season, but I don’t crave one. Aside from the boyfriend revelation, I’m not sure what the second season would deliver that the first season hadn’t. I could be surprised, but potential surprise doesn’t pump you up the way expectation does.

      I’ll probably turn to the manga on Maoyuu, thus defeating the need for a second season.

      Never seen Pumpkin Scissors.

      Eve no Jikan is on my To-Watch list. I’ll get to it in 3-5 years. By then a second season might already be out!

    • Let me get out my calculator. This is the fourth novel. It took 22 years to write. Assuming the first season covered the first three novels, it’ll only take 44 more years to get a second season!

  2. Gatchaman Crowds and Gargantia sure as fuck don’t need sequels. Gatchaman had not just a terrible ending, but a terrible conclusive one. Gargantia on the other, just no.

    • I’d sign up for another season of Carnival Phantasm – especially if they will add Prisma Illya in the mix.

      Also, I just figured out recently that Magical Ruby and Sapphire are those two maids in Tsukihime.

      • Still haven’t seen Prisma Illya (which is apparently getting a second season). Seen mixed reviews for it, and with Carnival Phantasm being so good, I thought I’d quit the spinoffs while I was ahead.

        • Prisma Illya is a wonderful action show. Especially episode 5/6, I think that battle trumped most of the battles in Fate/Zero. Damn, I’m actually going to go watch it again.

          It’s also somehow lesbian, but they mostly loli’s so I don’t know how that rates. +1, -2?

  3. The only time a show should get a second season is if it’s an adaptation, and if the first season wasn’t a shitty adaptation.

    But since anime studios are fucks who adapt manga after two volumes they have to come up with original endings since the Japanese can’t stick on one thing for more than a season. After that, it’s owakon. So not only are you given a rushed shit-end, you’re probably not going to see the rest of the story animated, except in rare cases like FMA.

    This is why anime adaptations blow.

  4. Totally agreeing with Umineko here. I’ve been wishing for a second season for years now (something you better not not state in open public unless you’re particularly fond of getting laughed at by folks instead glorifying their little itiswhatism anime), although with sales like those, there’s little to no hope for that. Chiru would probably be a bitch to adapt but would also immensely profit from cutting down all the lengths and redundant inner monologues on how love is the most important element in the world and whatnot.

    (And while I’m at it, your MAL tells me you haven’t watched Higurashi Kaku yet. Fuck you. Watch Higurashi Kaku. I won’t take no for an answer.)

    Also, DenYuuDen. That thing totally needs a sequel.

  5. Ugh, hearing about this second season of Psycho-Pass has me really wary. Oh yeah, beware SPOILERS in the next paragraph.

    Honestly, I’m not sure I want another season of Psycho-Pass for a very specific reason. The two characters that made the show what it is are gone. Without Kougami and Makishima, I really don’t give a shit about anything else. Kou needs to stay out of Japan and live a peaceful fucking life and Makishima better stay dead or risk ruining a good ending. I hate to say this, since apparently my girlfriend is a big fan, but I honestly don’t care about Akane. She was a self-insert character that was ‘new to the world’ just so the viewer could have things explained to them through her, I know she evolved towards the end, but that evolution was basically just grafting Kougami’s personality onto hers so that she suddenly became an effective Inspector, not giving her a personality that was unique to her. I couldn’t help but be far more captivated seeing Makishima and Kougami play a good Sherlock vs. Moriarty. I don’t even want to see Sibyl get taken down unless it’s done really well. If anything, since this is Gen Urobuchi, I’m hoping for a lose-lose scenario when it comes to Akane vs. Sibyl. When it comes to Dystopia, I just want to watch the world burn, rather than a half ass redemption.

    This really makes me think…

    I can’t seem to find very many female characters that I genuinely can root for, lately. I’m not asking for much, just a character that is believable and a product of real effort with a realistic personality. I think Balsa from Seirei no Moribito was a reasonable example as she just calmly sees her job as a bodyguard through without faking a lame tough demeanor or pretending at having blood lust. I just see so many female characters that have to be announced by everyone around them as so unbelievably good or skilled or whatever that there’s no point in giving a shit whether they win a fight (in whatever format that takes place), because they have no depth or personality. Who gives a shit if Revy wins a gun fight? Who would expect otherwise? She’s just a killing machine anyway. If she bites the dust, find another angry fighting machine to take her place.

    Well, shit, it’s been years since I watched Black Lagoon so what do I know. Revy is a hell of a lot better than half the female characters in the moeblob shit I’ve been exposed to lately, as we all careen down the Moe-pocalypse of anime, with each anime’s female characters more blobular and prepubescent than the last.

    • What you are saying isn’t really wrong.

      At the same time, the Pyscho-Pass world is kind interesting so it would be good to see something completely different. Like totally unrelated to any of the existing characters.

      • The possibility of a same world but different cast in a parallel story is something that has a great deal of merit. I’m 100% behind a sequel like this. I feel it is unlikely that they would do it, however. Maybe it’s my paranoia, but I think they are going to bring out the same cast because that is what made the first season as effective as it was. But if they don’t, then none of these problems will apply.

    • My big problem with the announcement of the second season is that the first season accomplished everything it needed to. There’s nothing left to gain from a second season and a whole lot to lose. The characters developed to their logical endpoints. The rivalry was settled. The conspiracy was revealed to the viewer. So what if the bad guys won? One of the things that attracted me to anime in the first place is that bad guys actually have to be taken seriously!

      If you’re not into overpowered female killing machines, you certainly won’t care for a certain character in a certain manga that must not be named. Wish I could give you a few leads, but thanks to the Umineko VN I haven’t been watching much anime lately. (Beatrice is a great character, just not the realistic kind.)

    • Now it’s never going to happen. If you really want it to be made, next time come at me with a reverse jinx like, “Lesbo-Pass? That’s stupid, it’ll never be made in a million years!”

  6. How about Berserk? Since they just remade the Golden Age arc as movies, the time has never been riper since the end of the original anime.

  7. Yup, it’s a very old comment, but interestingly enough, you might get to watch Durarara!! soon, as it’s getting a 3-split-cour second season 😀

    And Psycho-Pass 2 apparently crushed and burned really hard.

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