EF – A Tale of Lesbians*

*No lesbians or tales thereof

ef – a tale of memories: Amazing anime, horrendous title. They might as well have named the show please ignore me: the animation. At least please ignore me: the animation trumpets the X-factor of reverse psychology. ef – a tale of memories is just plain worthless. Great titles, like EF – A Tale of Lesbians, grab you by the balls and never let go.

1. Use Capital Letters

Who do you think you’re trying to impress by going lowercase? Subtlety blows. I attribute all my success to large fonts, bold colors, and full-size pictures. They’ve made this site so popular that Google’s server crashed and assigned me a page rank of zero.

Caps make you look confident in your product. Lowercase says “warning: i suck.” Just follow the conventions of standard English and you’ll be fine:

  • Capitalize EF (It’s the first part of the title and looks stupid in lower case)
  • Capitalize all the nouns (Tale and Memories)
  • Capitalize the ‘A’ (not required but looks better because it’s the first part of a subtitle)

Now let’s take an undeniably badass title and see how dumb it looks decapitalized:

the swooping descent of the dark emissary! the propagation of malice.


2. Replace Memories with Lesbians

Memories = Flashbacks

Memories are passé. Lesbians are the wave of the future. They make everything better. Take my brother’s birthday cake. Think it can’t get any better? Try adding lesbians.

3. Change the pronunciation of “ef”

Think it’s pronounced like the manly, high-octane E.F.? No, it’s pronounced like the soft, fluffy eff. Sounds like hopscotch and tea parties. E.F. has several advantages:

  • It could be the initials of a lesbian
  • It could be the initials of two lesbians

It’s mind-boggling how a show with such great writing could have such a crappy title. They picked an awesome name for the bank:

Why can’t American banks have slick names with relevant logos? We have a bank, I shit you not, called Fifth Third Bank. No wonder we’re in a recession. Then there’s PNC. Guess what it stands for? That’s right: PNC. It’s embarrassing that Japan, despite its long history of mangling English, is coming up with better names than us.

Until they change their title, I’ve decided to boycott ef – a tale of memories. Civil disobedience kicks ass. From now on it’s EF – A Tale of Lesbians.

EF – A Tale of Lesbians is the best drama I’ve ever seen. I clapped at the end. It’s so good that I may have to do away with the video game rule, which weights my standard of criticism based on the show’s original medium. For example, I suddenly got critical of Shakugan no Shana when I found out it wasn’t based off a video game. Here’s my current criticism ranking, starting with the strictest:

  1. Anime remake
  2. Manga
  3. Movie
  4. Light novel
  5. Original concept
  6. Novel
  7. Video game

EF – A Tale of Lesbians is supposedly based off a game. What the hell? Aren’t video game adaptations supposed to suck?

25 Replies to “EF – A Tale of Lesbians*”

  1. Good work with the post 😛 Made me laugh multiple times^^

    You never cease to amaze me, keep up the good work!

    By the way, almost all finland’s banks are named after our Kalevala folk lore. Ironically one of the banks name is “Sampo”, and in the lore its a machine that makes money, and I don’t see my share anywhere!

  2. They use the dinosaurs as mounts, to its kind of disrespectful towards the dinosaurs.. I didn’t want to make you sad.

  3. That ShizNat piece was the most freaking amazing piece of ShizNat I’ve ever seen! Where’d you get that one?

    Also, I agree with your rant on anime names. Never understood those “stylish” names like .hack or xxxholic.

  4. I got the ShizNat image off a Facebook group called Shizuru x Natsuki Love Love. They currently have a collection of 398 ShizNats in their archive. They say the pic originally came from Doropanda Tours. I don’t know if they have a website or anything, but it looks like they’ve done other quality ShizNat too.

  5. I finally watched this series and was genuinely curious as to why you kept referring it to as ‘a tale of lesbians’, only to find that there was no compelling logical reason. 🙁

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